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    Sounds like something in game if using a clear isboxer profile didn't fix it.

    Use IsBoxer but enter with a different character in that window. Still do it? Disable all addons, ElvUI and leatrix can open the bags automatically. Still do it? Reset your keybindings to default. Still do it? Its over my head.

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    Ok JohnG

    This is what I am upto so far. Problem still occurs

    I disabled ALL Addons, closed all wow windows down, I went too Isboxer and I opened 2 windows while in wow ALL Addons are disabled including Isboxer.

    I logged into 1 account and whether I am Logged into the 2nd account makes NO difference, soon as I click the mouse from left window back to the right window the damn backpack opens. While backpack is open, if I go back to left window and then back to right window, backpack closes.

    Makes No difference if I am logged into 2 accounts or just one account. But Only happens when I have 2 windows open that I am launching
    using Isboxer. Whether it is window on each screen, or if it is 2 windows on the One screen. Its something about toggling between the 2 wow clients that is doing it and ONLY when using Isboxer.

    I can manually opened 2 wow clients and issue does Not happen. Gosh help me, i cant stand it anymore

    I can use any character in that window and it will happen.

    If I move the window to the LEFT side instead of the right side, it happens on the left, if I move the window back to the right, it happens on the right BUT only that one window. Why ?!!?!?!?!?!!?

    I reset my keybindings to default, No addons enabled and issue still happens.

    Again, Only launching with Isboxer and Yes I did clear all the data .......... what the heck to do ?

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    what is that error when I start up isboxer toolkit ?
    I downloaded fresh toolkit and I see that error when I load it
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    That error indicates corruption in the file. Feel free to exit InnerSpace delete the file, and restart InnerSpace. It will recreate it. If you continue to get that error, then Lax will probably want to see the file as you probably have some hardware device that is causing a problem.

    Next. Did you unbind F12 from your bags like I suggested earlier? or disable the JambaMaster mapped key ? It wasn't clear from your later posts whether you tried either of those options.

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    1. When you are inside isboxer and do a "export all to inner space", does it then show a warning?

    2. When you enter the games, does the isboxer addon tell you something is wrong in the chat window? It would tell you if there is a conflict.

    3. Consider trying a different keyboard for the lol, if you have another one laying around. What kind of keyboard langue do you use?

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    What a weird issue.

    I deleted isboxer completely and re-downloaded it, did a full fresh install, it works fine now lol

    That was really weird. Anyway cannot Thank You both enough for the time and effort in assisting me.
    Least now it is fixed.

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    Nice it sorted itself.

    That would be my first suggestion aswell infact. Dunno why it wasnt suggested. But then again i make new backup saves of my isboxer profiles all the time. I also send a copy to my email and cloud service i use. Its always handy to have backups, as one loss of power etc could lead to a corrupt file.

    And yes, sometimes its not enough to just load a saved file, sometimes you have to reinstall isboxer completely.

    May i suggest also taking backups of the wow interface and wtf folder.

    Lots of cloudservices have a option to use up to f.ex 1 gb of free storage. Why not make use of it.
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