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    Default Where has all the gold gone?

    I have been doing what I did in Legion, WQs for the emissary quest, WQs for gear I don't have, pets supplies, etc. I kill every mob, loot every corpse, I mine and herb every node I come across. I even have ten alts running the champion mission table. This early in the expansion the mats I collect are selling for outrageous prices. 6k to 9k for a stack of ore, 3.5k to 10.5k for a stack of cloth. Even some of the meat is going for 1k per stack.

    Yet I'm broke.

    The WQs don't pay well maybe 50g to 100g, no gear for followers like in Legion that give extra gold. Champion mission tables pay 100g not 1500g and ore nodes drop only 1 or 2 at rank two. Everything I enjoyed doing before now pays crap.

    So how goes the BoE farming? I feel I may need to do some standstill AoE farming to supplement my gold. At least until I get the 5 million gold mount.

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    I've been herbing and making Darkmoon decks.. that has done really well for me... anchor weed is crazy high now too... When you find an anchor weed and farm it x5 or x10 thats like 5k or 10k at my server prices...ran into another boxer herbing today too...

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    I feel this pain as well. I ran myself broke at the end of Legion after deciding to get three more accounts and level up each class with boosts on all three, all done with gold (Let's not talk about where token prices were pre-launch vs. now. I get depressed.) and spend somewhere between 16-20m.

    I planned to do a bunch of gathering to get my gold back up, and that's worked out pretty well. I leveled my DH team which is 8x herbalists and miners. As I level up other classes I've been converting other professions into gathering and so far have at least 6/8 members of each team that are dual-gathering. I finally hit gold cap on my bank toon again just yesterday with probably close to another million in new mat inventory. That said, mat prices still continue to drop. I expected a spike when the raids launched, but it was more a bump than a spike. So far I haven't delved into crafting for profit. I haven't done that since WoD, really.

    World quests are disappointing from a reward perspective. Honestly, gear is probably a more profitable reward than most gold quests if you scrap the item (depending on your armor type, leather sucks and I assume mail does too, but I don't have a mail class going yet). Top tip for gold WQs, keep an eye on Argus still. Sure, they were nerfed, but there are still some that come up that are better than the current ones for gold rewards. If a few are up it may be worth your while to go.

    Missions... I've only done a handful of gold missions. I've been prioritizing rep missions so far. I've done a few pet token ones, but the gold missions hardly seem worth it compared to what we were used to. I haven't finished all of the quests, so hopefully they get better the further you go like they did in Legion? There is champion gear that will bring back herbs and ore, but the price on them is high enough that it would only be worth it on a time scale of months. Buy them now and hope they pay off a little by the time the expansion is over.

    Even questing doesn't seem to have the returns it used to. Honestly, this is probably because I'm no longer selling gear and scrapping it instead. In Legion I bought the 2m spider mount with gold gained from doing quests, WQ, and vendoring things, and I did it in a reasonable timeframe. I thought I'd do the same thing with the 5m mount, but I'm not convinced it is feasible at this time.

    I'm pretty sure that Blizz is doing this on purpose. Inflation was pretty crazy and restricting the amount of gold that players can get is a much better way of slowing it down than giving us more gold sink items like expensive mounts. I also think that some things will improve as the expansion goes, too. Consider how much gold you were making at the end of Legion vs. how much you were making only a month in. Perhaps you were making more then than you are now, but it definitely increased as time went on.

    While my biggest profit has been gathering so far (supplemented by a decent number of rare drops, far more than I've had this early in any other expansion), I'm sure there are other methods that are just as good or better. Hopefully others will share what they're doing, and hopefully things will improve as the expansion goes on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel View Post
    Yet I'm broke.
    I think the big question is... Why? What are you spending your gold on?

    I'm broke simply because I'm buying an endless amount of tokens to obtain BNet Balance and boost teams from level 90 to 110, which, in the end, is going to save me like $2,000 out of pocket (~35 x $60).

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel View Post
    The WQs don't pay well maybe 50g to 100g, no gear for followers like in Legion that give extra gold. Champion mission tables pay 100g not 1500g
    I saw this same concern mentioned on this forum before when BFA was in beta and mission tables were first being reported on, and I asked then...
    What was the beginning of Legion like? Are you comparing the beginning of Legion to the beginning of BFA, or are you comparing the second half of Legion to the beginning of BFA?

    Didn't WQs drop about the same amount of gold they do now? People certainly didn't have spectacular follower gear to stack for WQ rewards, at the beginning, so gold gains from those were on par with what we currently have, only 30 days into the latest expansion.

    And while I doubt those high gold rewards are coming back to the mission table, Legion didn't start off rewarding 1500g for follower missions, right? I honestly don't remember exactly how much you got from order hall missions when it all began, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything near what we were receiving at the tail end of the expansion after our followers had higher item levels and were decked out in equipment.

    By no means am I saying, "Just wait, it'll get better—it did in Legion," because I don't know that, but, for the other times I've recently seen other players express this same disappointment, I question at what point in the previous expansion are they pulling their memories from?

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel View Post
    and ore nodes drop only 1 or 2 at rank two.
    That sounds like bad luck, really. It should be something like: 1-3 R1, 2-4 R2, 3-5 R3, and that's not taking into account rich ore nodes, where you can pull 8-12 ore from it (per character).

    If you dedicate your time to gathering, it should only take maybe 3-4 hours over a 2-4 day time span to reach rank 3 on almost everything. I was easily rank 2 on probably half of the gathering items in just the first day, but obviously RNG on some of the quests slow that down for the next day or so. Anchor Weed is the only item that requires you to do a dungeon to progress to rank 2, which, right now, is easier to do at a very low level as opposed to waiting until 120 and then trying it with a low item level. Some of the others require quests that have terrible respawn times, but I could still finish them in less than an hour, on my team of five, with other players in the area.
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    Order Hall gold missions were crap at the beginning of Legion. They weren't as crap as the current BfA gold missions but I didn't find them worth doing until they upgraded them in the Broken Shore patch.

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    10 box herbing and mining: get this done pronto, as prices will fall eventally by a lot. If you like to farm.

    Standstill farm: this can be very lucurative. But its a bit like the lottery. If you are a gambling man and dont need to rely on a steady income, this can be great. Mind you, the more characters you play...the higher odds of lots of boe epics, mounts and mats. Though the spots get nerfed like mad these days. Some spots, which rely on close to 10 characters, arent nerfed, yet.

    Farming the ah: stop playing wow now and dedicate a week or two to perfect how to use tsm. Watch and read guides and take notes. You wont regret it. When (soon) the farming isnt worth it, i will be going back to solely sniping on multiple realms again.

    Farm hc or mythic raidtrash in uldir.
    This is a bit of a lottery, but usually you will get 1+ item per 2 hours of casual clears. Ideally done with 15+ characters. Having 5 healers spamming does the trick. Mind you this can get nerfed anytime.. you need a save where Taloc and Mother is killed, so you can farm the mobs in the big "ring" area, mapwise.


    Do 10 boxing herb and mining now if you like to farm and want a kinda steady income.

    Learn how to use tsm.
    Buy cheap and relist for higher... slow and steady income. Snipe items for sometimes insane bargains. Watch movies and do homework etc at the same time, once your setup is up and running.
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    I took a 10 month break, before BFA came out.

    I had 2 million gold left on my account before I took a break, yesterday I purchased the 5 Million gold mount.
    Apparently it is 4.4 Million when exalted, not sure if that is right, as mine costed 5 million as I am Not exalted lol.

    I obtained 3 million without boxing. I am as of today dual boxing, not x5 like I used too, I might go back too x5, but for now it is x2.

    I obtained gold by farming ore & herbs making flasks and selling.

    I also did Heroic Raid BOE Trash farms and was extremely lucky with 4 BOE drops in 2 days.

    Boxing x5 or less and or more will speed your gold like crazy. However I dont know how one would herb/mine x5 or more without going insane.

    I have heroic raid lockout I was using and creating pug grps to come farm, keeping the group small.

    Did another boe trash farm round and no-one got a boe. maybe it was nerfed, probably bad luck noidea at this stage.

    Maybe that can help you

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    I'm quite happy with how much I'm making currently. I'm averaging a token for each day of farming, some days I make ridiculous bank, some days not. It really fluctuates based on how the herb/ore prices swing and how much Anchor Weed I happen to get. Quite a huge difference between getting a full stack of 200, and not happening to find any that day.

    Easily bankrolling my accounts, even hit the B-net balance cap and dumped some for more accounts. Next month is still easily covered, so I have another farming month atleast. With limited play time I don't want to get caught up farming just to keep farming, so at some point I'll probably just start paying my subs again, but it definitely is nice to get the larger chunk of expansion upgrades paid with gold.

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    So far ive always just included a macro to delete all greys and greens, as i couldnt be bothered to mount up and sell these every so often. With the recent fast falling prices of boe's though, there is a loss of profit.

    To recoup some of this i made the effort to setup tsm mailing groups on all my farm toons, so that its just a couple clicks to mail everything (the armor greens, other greens get sent to banker to sell on the AH) to all my various bankers and many new "scrapping" characters i just created and moved over there. These will be sitting there scrapping "24/7", and all they will do is use the easy scrap addon with a keybound macro, which will do this on its own. While im doing standstill farms, scrapping happens at the same time.

    Its a shitty job, but sometimes you have to do it.

    Seems around every 4 h of regular keypressing and lots of breaks, the bags are pretty much full of mats and green armorpiece. This is on spots where 10 to 20 mobs respawn instantly. Mounts and boe's are rare though (max 1 per session, per 5man party). The pets manage to aggro the mobs closest and stay alive if i have to afk, but barely. These mobs hits hard wow I took a small hit by kitting them out in almost 350+ ilvl gear, but it was worth it, mobs die faster now. I had to adjust my re-key map, so they use mend pet etc on cd and barrage etc, or else they could die if i slacked on the keypressings. And around the 4 hour mark its time to repair the gear anyway. So turns out it suits me well.

    Looking forward to see what i can get from the scrapping extravaganza. Lets just say its 100+ of the biggest bags of greens worth that needs to be scrapped around every 4 hours.

    112k worth of mats at db market value and i got average 100 expulsom from all the greens, per 5 characters.
    The mailbox isnt that far away, but im considering to get 6 characters here, since the MOLL-E mailbox lasts 10 min and have 1 hour cd. So i can have it up all the time. No more running back and worth to the mailbox.
    Time is gold, afterall.
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    ooh la la. Gimme your dirty little farming secrets Wowbox40! =]

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