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    I appreciate this is a minority sport, but I've been having some fun attempting to 10 box Uldir. After week one, I'm 3/8N, which is pretty cool as that's the cut off for earning stacks of Reorigination each week, making me hopeful I can make further progress. In case anyone else is giving this a go, or to try and encourage any others who might be interested to give it a try, I'll list the strategies I developed for each encounter here.

    My composition for every fight is Blood DK/Prot Paladin/Resto Druid/Holy Paladin/BM x 6. Half the characters were about ilvl 350, the other half were about 340, except the holy paladin who was 320.

    Taloc: Tricky fight to multibox right out of the gate. A very literal gatekeeper.

    I essentially one tank this fight. The off tank is a prot paladin, who never actually tanks the boss. Instead, he's using hand of the protector to help out the Blood DK the entire time.

    Phase One: Spread the entire Raid evenly in the side of the room you enter into and have the tank position the boss roughly in the middle. When plasma discharge hits two random ranged characters, wait for all of the blood storms to plant down before manually switching to them and moving them out of the blood storm. This minimizes the area that gets covered.

    As the boss approaches 100 energy, the tank runs to the opposite side of the room for the cudgel ability. This means the cudgel does not clear any of the bloods: this isn't a problem (on normal!) as long as we stack the bloods. By running away, minmal damage is done to the rest of the raid.

    Repeat until the boss hits 35%. It takes roughly two and a half ability cycles to do so. As you approach 35%, have the tank scoop up everybody with follow and stack.

    Phase Two: The lift begins to descend. I have to act very quickly here: if you get the set up correct, this phase is easy. If I screw up the setup, its probably a wipe. I quickly park the raid on the edge of the lift, pointing inwards. Then, the tank picks up the Coalesced Bloods and tanks them while standing in the blood storm, happily taking the ticking damage. On normal, the damage isn't crazy so with the Holy Paladin casting Holy Light the tank survives easily. Rather than have the dps switch to the volatile droplets, I have the tank run into them and trigger the explosion as soon as they spawn. This enables more dps to go on the Coalesced Bloods to make the phase smoother. If you miss a single droplet, the raid gets knocked off and wipes. If you don't get aggro on the Bloods quickly enough, they'll drop a blood storm on the entire raid and cause chaos. If you get into a stable set up, this is fine.

    Phase Three: This is a bit of a damage race: I cannot survive this indefinitely! I use bloodlust here. I gather the raid behind the tank and drop them in an open space, then use a hotkey to spread them out evenly. When the Plasma discharge goes off, its now on four characters which is too many for me to juggle like in Phase One. Instead, when you get about half way through the discharge, I use follow on the tank to get the team running out of the blood storms, and hopefully the raid survives the massive damage when you get a tick or two of plasma discharge overlapping with each other. A cooldown rotation was important here: using aspect of the turtle/divine shields on all, personal heals, aura mastery etc to mitigate some of the damage helps characters survive.

    The tank then drags the characters to empty space, leaves them there and runs away so that he's not near them when the cudgel comes out. With the high outgoing damage due to not executing the mechanics well, its more important that the cudgel just doesn't damage the raid rather than using it to clear the bloods. As this is going on, try to tab target volatile droplets and dps them down before they hit the raid. If one hits, it's likely a wipe. Ideally, the off tank would charge into them, but I've not always got the dexterity to pull that off.

    As you can see from the screenshot, the eventual kill was a pretty close run thing! Took maybe 40-60 pulls, the majority of them being focused on getting good at phase 3.

    Mother: Waaaay easier than Taloc to multibox. Straightforward, infact, aside from the room swap...

    Room one is all pretty straightforward. Dodge the swirlies, move everybody out of the cone, run against the wind. Honestly, if I had brought consumables, there's an outside chance that I might be able to lust her down inside of the first room, trivializing the fight.

    When the room timer gets to 95, I pop every defensive cooldown I have (turtle, aura mastery, etc), and run through the grid with all ten at once. The damage is huge, but survivable. It helps that the raid is likely to be on full health as there is literally no raid damage going out. I use personal healing cooldowns immediately to restabilise.

    Then, the only difficult bit of the fight happens: killing all ten corruption adds in the span of about 5 seconds before they get casts off. As you might guess from the screenshot, I didn't get it perfect and a couple of casts went off, but the boss should be low enough that not everybody has to survive to get through the fight. A really important part of the burst damage was the 3 lightforged draenei using Light's Judgment on the boss in anticipation of the adds spawning next to her. Frankly, I think the explosion of damage/healing they do when they die helped stabilise too.

    You have to dodge the laser grid in this section too, but that's not a difficult one to manage.

    Fetid Devourer: Easiest fight to execute, possibly the highest gear requirement of the fights so far. The tank damage coming out was crazy, but once I devised a healing set up that worked, he went down on the next pull. Noteworthy for being the first time I've ever switched out a piece of azerite gear specifically in order to make use of a helpful azerite trait, on the resto druid to get the trait that duplicates the regrowth HoT on the lifebloom target. The extra mastery stacks helped a lot.

    I set up a custom follow keybind, so that the offtank followed the tank and everybody else followed the offtank. This allowed me to freely move around and be comfortable knowing the offtank was always the closest character to the tank so that a random character didn't get one shot by the tank mechanic. No reason to spread, no reason to be mobile, other than to kill the adds that spawn. I generally killed one add and let the other live to make my life easy, didn't seem to make a big difference to kill potential. The crucial bit was just getting the healers set up to outheal the incoming damage: once that was sorted, easy.

    Zek'voz and Vectis look to be significant difficulty jumps from the first three. Had five or so pulls of each to test the water. A really robust positioning strategy is going to be needed for Vectis, though I'm not sure I really understand the fight properly. Zek'voz looks to be a real progress fight: developing a strategy for each phase as it comes. If anyone has any experience of these fights and has any ideas how a multiboxer might cheese them, please let me know.

    Sometime later this week, once I've got a little bit more Mythic+ gear on the team, I'll reclear the three and have a good assault on the next two. I'm hopeful, with effort, I can 10-box clear this entire instance at least on normal before it becomes irrelevant content. The Reorigination on the Azerite traits will help this a lot.
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    Super impressed once again. We attempted to 2x5 box the first boss last week, but our gear wasn't enough. I was at 320 on all 5 and Void was 330~ on his 5 and we were attempting to use pets to tank Taloc. He was just one shotting them. We were hoping with a gear upgrade they would last longer than 1 hit, but I've sort of been leaning towards a trinity setup or similar due to needing a real tank for positioning on quite a few fights.

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    We came back with a different comp and an actual tank and downed the first 2 bosses using:
    4x Hunter / Resto Shaman ilvl 341-345
    5x Druid / (1 Guardian, 4 Balance ) Ilvl 338-343

    Having an actual tank makes a huge difference, I had difficulties squeezing out appropriate DPS on the Balance druid due to the mobility requirements of most raid fights these days and will probably switch to a BM hunters. I want them to work, but they just don't work in the current iteration. (Fights were ending with 5-6k dps, where the BM hunters did 7500-8k dps.

    Will try more bosses but raiding as boxing is huge fun.

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    Fairly certain at this point that pets tanking raid bosses is off the menu this expansion.
    They are fine for mythic plus from what ive encountered so far. Even with tyrannical affix this week the only boss that killed a pet was soulbound goliath with 30 stacks of dmg buff.

    Raid bosses really beat up the pets now 1-2 rounds and they are done. If we let ellays tank die pets just couldnt hold up so that seals the deal for me.

    I am working to modify my grp now to compliment Ellays group. Once the tank is geared im sure we will drop more raid targets. Huge fun for sure.
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