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    Default general tagging rules explained?

    Im a bit confused because everyone i ask tells me something different about it. When multiboxing with 8 chars on one spot :
    Could someone please clarify what the right way is?

    a.) 2 groups of 4 people?
    b.) 2 groups of 4 people in a raid? Better for cross healing but doesnt work?

    c.) 1 group of 5 and 1 group of 3?
    d.) 1 group of 5 and 1 group of 3 in a raid ?

    tnx guys

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    Your only option is A, 2 groups of 4.

    Heres the post on legion tagging, far as I know thats when the rules changed and haven't again since then.

    edit: If you're standstill farming, raid may work. Wont for WQs.
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