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    Default iPhone or iPad multibox BFA App

    5 boxer here looking to see if there is a method to 5 both the iPhone app (multiple screens). I saw the android version of doing this with a legion app in passing but want to take advantage of it now. I'm looking for two different methods here:

    1. Split screen on iPhone or iPad
    2. split screen on PC when iPhone or iPad is plugged in

    Anyone have any YouTube URLs and/or resources to point me to? Google-fu is failing me

    Thank you in advance!


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    Is anyone able to help?

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    None of us have ever done it (to my knowledge), sorry
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    I have it set up using the Android App on PC. Is there any reason it has to be iOS?

    I also created a little AHK control app to go with it. Not really done much with it in Battle for Azeroth yet though.
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    That is exactly what I was looking for, for BFA. Do you have a guide on setting it up, using it looks intiative and nicely setup. I want I have an Apple phone/iPad so assumed I'd need that tho to be honest, I dont know how it's setup so Whatever gets me logged into my account to do!

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    The main thing you need to do now is have Nox make Android 7 emulators instead of the default A.4 because the app requires the newer version.

    I will try put something together as a guide but probably easier just to catch me on the ISboxer discord. There are a few of us on there that know a fair bit about setting it up.

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    In osx you can install xcode and then run ipad emulators which can install apps.

    Not sure if you can run 5 at once though. I may check on my mac at some stage.

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