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    Default Planning new teams Got couple questions

    I have been running hunters and having a blast now want to ad DK's and and possibly plan out my trinity team.
    My questions are people who run a pally instead of 5th dk are you still tanks spec on pally and do you drive from pally?

    and my trinity group will be 2 druids and 3 of my hunters i already have do you drive from the healer?

    With my hunters i usually don't care who i'm driving as they are all the same


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    Ideally dont lead with a dk or a paladin, if the slaves arent the same classes. Reason being dk and paladin have a passive speedboost, which leads to the slaves loosing follow every so often. It can be annoying. So its best avoided, for added peace and mind. *personal feeling.

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    If you love to heal, then driving from a healer is lot if fun. You can assign most buttons to the tank/dps and then heal using mouseover/clique addon on the party/raidframes. While being in the "range/back", you have exellent overview on all your characters from afar, regarding who need to move out from stuff etc. And you can keep tabs on debuffs etc a bit easier.

    Playing from tank, range or healer all takes a bit of setup and practise does make perfect.

    I like all if them.

    If you have little to no experience from tanking or healing, this will be a step up in difficulty though. Compared to mindless hunter spam
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    I suppose a tip for you, would be to play from the druid healer and be in the back with your 3 hunters. Then treat your tank druid as a spesial op hunter tank pet, which your mission is to keep it alive hehe. So when it attacks it can also use the sprint/dash ability to quickly close the range gap and grab aggro, similar to a hunter pet.

    If you play bm hunters and you think the area under the druid tank gets too filled with stuff, so you cant see effects the druid tank should move out of, consider switching specc to markmanship instead.
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    I lead with a Prot Paladin on my Paladin + 4 Blood DK team.

    I use healbot addon for click healing.

    I set up round robin Taunts, Stuns, Death Grip, etc keys for all in ISBoxer.

    I set up the speed boost / mount macro for all of them as such (you can replace Invincible with Sky Golem or whatever your needs are):

    /cast [mod][combat][indoors] Divine Steed; Invincible

    /cast [mod][combat][indoors] Death's Advance; Invincible
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    You should check out MiRai's updated videos on the Pro system in the Commons. He will get your mixed team setup for you so it wont matter which you drive from. He will even have you switching specs like a pro.

    I am currently leveling a team and driving from the healer, but I switch to the tank quite often as some fights are better driving from the tank, some driving from the healer.

    As Wowbox40 mentioned, driving from the healer is fun. Like really fun.

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