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    Default Team allocation for existing characters, 3 accounts, WQ + Island Expedictions

    Hi folks,

    Brand new to multi-boxing but am starting now with ISBoxer to save time. I have six characters that are leveled or I intend to level currently on a single account, I'd like to spread them to three accounts with my initial goals of speeding up questing (WQs) and Island expeditions. The classes are:
    • Paladin (120) *this will be my best geared toon -- I'll be raiding as Ret.
    • Priest (120)
    • Warrior (120)
    • DK (120)
    • Rogue (103)
    • Hunter (102)

    I'm thinking Island expeditions will be the only area where I initially need to be concerned with comp. I obviously only have 2 potential healers and 2-3 tanks and I'd like to be able to do the Island quests for the weekly without having to repeat/switch characters. I'm initially thinking that it might make the most sense to have the 2 teams be Pal(prot), DK(blood), Hunter (BM?), as this will probably be the team that needs the least healing, leaving Priest(Disc?) + War(prot) + Rogue, but I'm unsure as I haven't ever multiboxed.

    Any advice regarding comps and specs greatly appreciated.

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    You don't seem to mind leveling with 4 level 120s already, you could leave your main account as is and level up new characters on your two new accounts. That would save you some cash. The level boosts from BfA on your new accounts will have your first team almost leveled.

    First time multiboxing you may wish to use teams of all the same class, it makes things much easier. If you're not doing PvP expeditions you should be OK without a healer even in mythic. Maybe three ret paladins who can self heal in emergency.

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    Because I'm stubborn, I decided to try a two-tank setup (DK/War) and it made me really appreciate your response more. I didn't even think about the issues with spells being available/nonavailable due to rage/rune build-up/spending. Looks like I need to re-evaluate my priorities and get into the help sections a bit more. I think I'm going to pare it back and maybe just level two locks side-by-side. Funny side-story, when I moved my warrior to a second account, it caused frustration just on mounted follow -- I didn't notice he was no longer guilded and lost the mounted speed bonus :/

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