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Thread: 5 monk farming

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    Default 5 monk farming

    Seen this last night on a wtbgold video 1 monk in the middle with statue place the 4 others just within the middle statue and those 4 also drop statues so you effectively have a 120 yard radius pulling all into the middle. Cool idea and just wanting to share

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    hey ive been trying to search for this video, I couldnt find it do u have a link to that pls?

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    I don’t have a link but if you still can’t find it will look for it. Wtbgold rares of outland

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    I dont have such monk. When the statue does a aoe 30 yrd taunt, do you get the tag on those mobs aswell? Or do you have to casually press the "aoe spin around spell" to get the tags? Will that spell alone kill most mobs and leave you with safe levels of hp left? /totalnoob

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    I was running with 2 monk statues, and I would just aoe on top of the statue and collect loot.

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