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    Default Questing and interacting

    Hi! I just started my multi-boxing journey today and am having just a few issues that I cannot resolve on my own. The first is during questing. I am having to change over to each character to complete tasks for each toon, even though in a group. For example, talk to X person and I have to go through all three characters to talk to them. Is that normal? I thought as long as in a group, everyone gets credit. Second is with interaction. I have tried to add the interacting to the binds, it matches on all characters and loaded into Inner Space without issue, but I still find myself having to change to broadcast mode and manually line up everyone to turn in quests etc. Lastly, is there a way to have my shift 1, shift 2 etc work across all the toons at any given time? As it stands, I had to move the mount to a numbered slot, rather than my usual shift+5 to get it to work.

    Thanks for any guidance and sorry for the mini-novela I wrote!

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    You can use Ebony's Multiboxing Assistant or Jamba to help with quest turn-ins, taking a taxi, selling junk look at a vendor, etc.

    As for quest/merchant interaction, most of us use a mapped key that does 1) /assist main, 2) Interact With Target. Then we can manipulate dialogs ourselves or use the above addons to help with common tasks.
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