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    Default Toolbar/Custom Buttons


    On my main WoW account I have the toolbars and custom buttons already laid out.
    On my new, second dual account... I have just about the same spell toolbar and such. The spells only work up till roughly 1-9. How can I change this for my second account understands from my main account? Such as middle mouse button spell, the other toolbars in which I press with my mouse and spells that I have binded to certain keys. Such as R, F, T, etc

    Also, when I jump my second account doesn't jump with me.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, how do I get my second account to copy whatever I do on my main account?
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    You should probably go review MiRai's videos on Multiboxing 101.

    Work your way through those and you ought to have a good grasp of the basics. ISBoxer is a phenomenal tool, but you do need to take your time and limit your changes to the configurations until you understand the ramifications of those changes, which can be very subtle at times. Once the basics are working, then go bake your noodle on the Pro System ISBoxer setups. That's where things get really interesting.
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    What you're looking for is covered under the "Quickly add many Hotkeys..." section of the Quick Start Guide on the ISBoxer Wiki, as well as my Post-Wizard Setup Video for World of Warcraft.
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