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    Hi All,

    I am new here, I read the FAQ but I could not find an answer to my specific question, perhaps I read the wrong sections?

    Anyway, I am wondering if I am allowed to run 2 wow accounts as multibox. Both accounts are now completely seperate, different name, different B-net.
    The accounts belong to me and my husband, the accounts stem from before we met, so thats why its on different names.

    I wanted to be able to level a toon for him, together with one of mine. I am trying to figure out if this settup is allowed this way, since I remember someone telling me 2 seperate accounts was not allowed, but under the same B-net it is... So I am a bit connfused now.
    Hope you guys can help me with this question, Thanks in advance !

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    The problem is: You are not allowed to play someone else's account.

    Not quite sure if they make distinctions for even immediate family (apart from children playing accounts their parents own and control), but I would tread lightly since especially as you've mentioned leveling a character for another person, this, in my non-expert opinnion would fall under account sharing, which will get all parties involved perma-banned in a hurry.
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    They will most likely figure out pretty fast that you play two accounts at the same time: each has a different owner = when multiboxing = thats not allowed = account sharing = banhammer.

    Random people just right click and rapport random multiboxers they see for cheating.. just because they are bored or whatever = high chance of being looked into by a GM.
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    Or, you could contact a GM and have them merge your accounts under the same account. Marriage would be valid grounds for that I would think.
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