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Thread: Atal'Dazar

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    Default Atal'Dazar

    To try and stimulate some discussion of trinity comp strategies, here are my notes from my initial Mythic +0 run of Atal'Dazar. I use a blood dk/resto druid/BM Hunterx3 composition.

    Probably the most mechanically demanding dungeon of the lot: I am guessing this is going to be the keystone that conventional players hate and gets a bad reputation, like HoV at the beginning of legion and SotT at the end. Pretty much ALL the trash has difficult mechanics that need to be handled,and every one of the bosses have mechanics that multiboxers will find problematic.

    The trash mobs leading up to Alun'za: CC is probably going to be necessary here. I spread the team to deal with the juggernaut charge. The problem is then that every mob has something nasty that needs interrupting. The priestesses have a big heal and the CC-immunity (which can cause a wipe), the augers have Fiery Enchant, which has to be interrupted before the team gets swirlied to death, the juggernaut needs dispelling when he berserks and, to topit all off, in the packs with constructs, the construct needs to die first otherwise it empowers, so you can't nuke down a problematic mob. My generalrule on high keys is probably going to be that I CC the Augers and the priestesses, then kill the rest a safe distance away before returning to deal with them.

    Priestess Alun'za: Interesting fight: She doesn't do anythingthat's likely to actually KILL you, but managing her transfusion ability isvery difficult to multibox, and one mistake basically refreshes the fight,meaning this one might be incredibly long. I start by spreading the teamroughly across the entire encounter area. When the spirit of gold spawns, I usea stun on it and nuke it ASAP. There is no priority on damaging the boss if anyother task in this fight needs to happen: The boss will not kill us, we justneed to transfusion properly to cause her to die as quickly as possible.

    I manually switch to any character that has a pool spawningunderneath him and move him out. I try to position them to the left of a givenpool, any spare attention I have goes to placing a character in a location tothe left of a pool. I have a keen eye on the DBM timer for transfusion. Whenthere's about 4-5 seconds left till transfusion, I move all my characters tothe right. The ones that have been set of correctly then immediately step intoa blood pool. Any that don't make it, I then control manually and peg it overto the nearest free pool. If the spirit of gold is not managed correctly, or Iaccidentally allow a pool to spawn under a character way too early, there's aproblem. The golden rule is that if at least 3 characters are correctlyblooded-up, the fight will progress without her healing and that's a result.

    The trash leading up to Vol'kaal: The trash in the center(dino-lady and her pets) can be skipped by hugging the sides: I do so, as she'squite nasty. If we end up needing to kill her to make the trash requirement onthe key, I think its pretty important to chain stun and nuke her down, thendeal with the dinos after. By going left at the start, rather than right, weskip most of the incredibly obnoxious Yazma-aligned trash, but there's still 2packs we have to take out. The first pack has two hexers in. I spread tomitigate the effects of thier hex ability.

    The pack at the top is a big pain, particularly as itsdifficult to CC it without triggering the fight from underneath (Camouflageworth a look to help? Will test next week.). A key is to pull the hexers AWAYfrom the reanimation totems: the green plague goo that flings out from the mobswhen the totems die is not stopped by CC and is a huge pain to manage at thesame time as the hex ability. Currently, this trash pack is my second leastfavorite in the game.

    Vol'kaal: Feels similar in difficulty to Cordana in Legion, what I would describe as an "execution" fight. The fight needs to be done well or it will quickly fall to pieces. First up, the Noxious Stench ability needs to be interrupted quickly every single time. I may make myself a weak aura and a special keybind to macro interrupt the boss just for this purpose, as executing this cleanly is critical for making the incoming damage manageable. Obviously, the challenge is then killing the three totems simultaneously. I bring each one down below 10% before making the push: due tothe pets having to run between, this is one thing the BM hunters suffer with.

    However, in phase two, they show their value. I have the entire team group up following the tank, then kite the boss in triangles radiating out from the center. You do not have to go full pelt to dodge everything: take it slowly and steadily to give you as much time as possible,as running out of space is a soft enrage. I did notice on my kill, where I was doing a huge triangle out around the perimeter of the area by the end, that the centre goo was despawning, so it may be possible to perma-kite him without running out of space if played well.

    Rezan: I do not feel I have a solid strategy at the moment.Currently, what I do is position the ranged group near one of the buttress pillars around the outside of the area, tank him nearby and duck behind the buttress when he does the fear. This problem with this is that it does not leave a huge amount of space to kite the boss during the fixate. Even if I do, its very difficult not to stop the boss triggering a bunch of raptors, which then cause chaos.

    My current solution? Let the poor sod get eaten. Sadly, the damage from the devour ability seems to go through immunities (at least it goes through turtle), so you can't just turtle out of them. On heroic, focused healing from the healer alongside exhilaration is enough to save the character being devoured. If not? I use a combat res. The idea is to kill the thing before I run out of characters, and its more than enough at the moment. Between healing cooldowns and combat rezes, you *should* be able to survive enough cycles to kill him. We'll see if I'm wrong when Mythic+ starts.

    Yazma: I tried for about 20-30 pulls to nail a consistent "conventional" strategy where the ranged stand away from the boss as a group, then move away from the spiders whilst killing the spirits that spawn,but I could not get it done: The randomness of the spiders make babysitting the entire group very difficult.. Then I tried running around with the entire group following round the tank like headless chickens, kiting absolutely everything,and I got it down within two pulls. It lacks, elegance, but thats what I'm going with. Have the group on follow. When the boss begins casting to summon the spirits, run away. When they spawn, change direction so that the boss does not run directly towards them. Mass Entanglement worked wonders on the adds, but it wasn't even necessary; they can be happily kited around long enough to be AoEed down. The spiders will all be running towards you when they trigger, and you need to herd them. You kind of need to think a move ahead: the spiders need to be positioned in a clump somewhere to give you enough room to run around them next time around. It takes a little getting used to, but I think I've got it now. We'll see if high mythic+ keys cause any problems with this inelegant strategy.
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    Yazma on a no true tank team were rough. When the soulbound adds are spawned - swapping to attack using 4 BM hunters, the pets who are tanking run to it as well and then the boss follows along thus initiating the non intended objective and your whole team has a nasty dot. It would be nice if there was a way to split dps somehow, but I'm not sure..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    Yazma on a no true tank team were rough. When the soulbound adds are spawned - swapping to attack using 4 BM hunters, the pets who are tanking run to it as well and then the boss follows along thus initiating the non intended objective and your whole team has a nasty dot. It would be nice if there was a way to split dps somehow, but I'm not sure..
    I have my BMs setup with a secondary DPS rotation that doesnt have any pet attack abilities in it and does not apply misdirect to the pets again. That way i can leave my pets on 1 target, manually send 1 or 2 pets to another target leaving the rest on a different target. Took me a while to get going and i do screw up a lot by press my main dps key.

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    I like this idea, thank you. Will give it a try.
    Edit** thinking further, most BM dps comes through their pet though, hopefully it's enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    I like this idea, thank you. Will give it a try.
    Edit** thinking further, most BM dps comes through their pet though, hopefully it's enough.
    BM's major sustain does come from their pets, but in situations were your clearing out adds on bosses, its not degraded by that much. I updated my 2nd macros to continue to do Pet Attack commands on their existing target but to assist/switch targets.

    my overall main macro setups is 1 spam for everyone to dps, 2nd button for BMs that doesnt have a pet assist portion, but allows me to change my BM's target. Then i have an xkeys setup with 3 custom macros to manually assist with pets, can be done done via other methods. Also have toggles to flip pet growl on and off depending on if im really wanting to tank with my DK.

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    Since no one mentioned it: you know that hunters can Feign Death out of Rezan's fixate?

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    Banging my head on Mythic 0 Vo'kaal. It takes my 4 Blood DK and Holy Priest team to get the totems timed to get to phase 2, but when I do I get wrecked by the noxious pools. Has anyone does this with a melee team?
    World of Warcraft - Bronzebeard (Horde)
    Primary team - 4 Blood DK, Disc Priest (110, ilvl 880-ish)

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    I did it on my 4BDK1HPal team and it's just a matter of keep moving, which sucks for the healer but you're going to have to take pretty long strokes to get all the melee out of the puddles. I think I went around the room twice on my Fortified AD2.

    //edit: Also, don't forget AMS. You can eat quite a bit of it with that to give your healer a chance to toss out some heals.
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    It looks like Atal has never had a video on here showing it.
    Here is a +7, this is a bit harder of a dungeon overall than others but hopefully this gives some tactics..

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    +10!!! on grievous, poison spewing guy is a bit much - need to learn the proper route for this dungeon as I went way over the 100% enemy forces.

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