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    Here's a video of the corner strat I was talking about, Ellay.

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    Thanks for the link - I ended up as you saw not using it but I think that would make it cleaner!

    Here is the +11 run (in time) for this dungeon. I need to work on knowing the layout of the dungeons and where to go and will be able to shave off even further times. As of now I think this is currently the highest in time mythic+ done of the season. I hadn't played this comp in about 3 weeks as I've been working on a melee team but this team has such a higher potential for Mythic + compared to the others I should give it more focus.

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    I really should have recorded it but I got a +10 done in time with all melee (4 DK and Holy Pal), Ilvl was 453~ avg where the team above is 10 ilvls higher or better. Very promising! always bouncing around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    That's a funny way of saying stream. :P

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