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    Kind of a different take on this dungeon. 4 Enhancement Shaman and a Prot Paladin in pretty low gear doing a +7

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    +11 with 4 Enhancement and a Prot Paladin!!! This is a bit of a personal achievement, my 4th unique team to beat a +10 or higher, with the overall goal of showing there are many options out there to achieve this!

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    Awesome! What item level are they? Have you been boxing visions with them? I just switched to enhancement on my shamans because at lower level item level.. they suck lol.. enhance seems decent ..doing cloak quest now. But seeing that DPS gives me hope! I'm just loving the visuals of shaman dps ( ele and enhance), its a lot of fun!
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    Enhancement is right around 455-458 ilvl, and the Prot Paladin is about 465. I've done a +2 vision but have been too scared to try a harder one. Need to try a harder one soon.

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