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    Default The MOTHERLODE!!

    To try and stimulate some discussion of trinity comp strategies, here are my notes from my initial Mythic +0 run of The Motherlode. I use a blood dk/resto druid/BM Hunterx3 composition.

    Nothing too outrageous here. The trash is very punishing if handled incorrectly, and chain pulling for speed will be very difficult here.However, its all very happily managed with properly knowledge of the mobs and their abilities. Stuns can be helpful to de-synch identical trash mobs to make them easier to interrupt. An example would be situations where there are multiple of the goblin Earth-binders in the same pack: by stunning one of them,they will not both try to cast earth lance at the same time, making it easier to manage interrupting it. In keeping with the dungeon as a whole, you do not want this ability going off: it hits like a truck.

    Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler: The hardest boss in the dungeon, but not an outrageously hard boss in the wider scheme of things. The only real mechanical problem with the fight is managing the footbombs. This might get frustrating: it seems completely RNG where they land and if they are incredibly spread out, its going to be difficult to kick them. I am generally charging around on the tank to manage them: if I get a good pattern I get all three, a bad pattern I only get one, most patterns I get two, which is fine. I can imagine that I will lose keys this expansion to bad placement. DH tanks will be fantastic on this fight due to Infernal Strike: happily jump around to each bomb and kick them no matter where they land.

    Otherwise, I position the team in a clump somewhere against a wall, to mitigate any chaos caused by the unavoidable knockback, and have the tank being mobile around the arena, pointing the boss away from the clump and dragging him away from coin piles. If the fight is executed perfectly, it is incredibly quick with very little damage going out. I think Blizzard have tuned him to expect some fails on the footbombs and coins.

    Azerokk: Once the adds are dead, the fight is a cake walk. On tyrannical weeks, I'm probably going to see this as Moroes Mk 2; CC three of the adds at the start, wipe them out one by one. A frustration is that, unlike Moroes, its pretty difficult to CC the adds without triggering the fight. I'm wondering if using the Camouflage talent on the BM hunters will make this much easier - I'll try it out next week.

    Once the adds are dead, this fight is pretty much a Patchwerk fight.

    Rixxa Fluxflame: Yet another fight where BM hunters and mobile healers shine. I have everybody follow the tank and just happily runaround like a headless chicken, placing and dodging the patches and getting the boss to blow them away correctly. Other than the chemical burn, the damage is quite manageable. With the quantity of nasty magical debuffs in BfA, I'm wondering if a team of dwarves might be effective in BfA. The knockback from propellant blast if nowhere near as nasty as, say, the Down Draft from Dresaron in Legion, so is not a huge cause for concern for me.

    Mogul Razdunk: My first impression was "how on earth am I going to manage the homing missiles?!?". Then I pulled the boss and realized that the missile doesn't actually do all that much damage. Its worth mentioning at this stage that I did Motherlode second in my Mythic dungeon runs and was massively undergeared for it, with most of the party still unable to queue for heroics, so it wasn't a case of outgearing the content. Assuming that you dodge the other mechanics, I quite happily just tanked the homing missile shot each time and had the entire party follow the tank in a stack. This is a lot of moving around in this fight, both for gatling gun and for the red swirlies. If you have an immobile comp, this is going to be hell. On high keys,this might not be viable and this boss will become horrible, but I'm confident that some combination of Azerite armour and a cooldown rotation will help manage that.
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    My experience is on a 5x prot pala team, haven't tried switching one to healing, seems unnecessary , but could prove useful to go 1x prot + 4x holy on fortified week.


    Trash: so long as you don't over pull its fine. things can quickly get out of control due to all the damage and CC, heals etc. better to pull a pack and run the hell way with horse so you can kill stuff safely way from other packs.

    - Pumeller

    kite him around to avoid his coin magnet. blow all CDs. should be close, but its doable even at low levels. the only thing that matters is avoiding coins. kick some of the balls, doesn't matter if they dont hit him. the damage is high but very predictable., taunt swapping will allow you to save HoP for when its efficiency is the highest and its basically a lay on hands at that point.

    - Rock dude

    CC two adds with totems, blow CDS kill the other two ignoring the boss. he will wake one and enrage him. burst him FAST. then its easy, pull the other add and AOE damage should get the add at 50% by the time he enrages then he just flips over and dies. from that point onward this repeats, ignore summoned adds since AOE will get them low enough on health that they will die before they can attack when enraged/ (they take extra damage)

    - Rixxa

    kite to make her drop pools outside the ring. shes easy, but try to taunt roate instead of using Hand of the protector for healing. because there are some nasty damage spikes.

    - Mogul

    don't try to avoid his Gatling gun. just make sure it hits only once. his Homing missile is tankable and if you are staking the judgment trait its a non issue.

    keep an eye on the adds so you know your positioning.

    save all cds for the phase two adds. you must kill one right way. the other one will die to aoe.

    the key to baiting the drills is to learn to use a "move all alts forward" hotkey instead of relying on /follow. same as with the spider boss and the healing boss on the spider dungeon.

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    CMKcot is your reference also mythic? if so congrats!

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    Okey so I did this on 5x pally as well on Mythic 0, but as 4x Ret 1x Prot. Everything is pretty straightforward. At higher keys some of the mechanics I've chosen to just soak or ignore might be a bit of a pain, but this wasn't bad at all.

    Here are the boss kills. Bit sloppy on some, but didn't really matter.

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    Here is my strategy for 4 BDK and Holy Paladin on Mythic+ low level keys (<5):


    I set up along one wall, pull the mob to the wall. This way, the knockback is easily handled. Also, by positioning along one wall, the footbombs always appear one the side away from the wall, making them easier to kick at the boss. On the Shocking Claw ability, I run the group forward and spin them around to attack the back of the mob, then run them forward again back to the wall to set up again for footbombs and the knockback. I ignore the coin grab, as it doesn't seem to matter much early in the fight, and by the time the damage ramps up, the boss is almost dead anyway.


    DK's are just chain following/attacking each earthrager while the healer runs around trying to stay out of the bad. Death and Decay snare effect is very helpful with this. Once the Earthragers are dead, it is simple tank and spank. When Azerokk summons more earthragers, just rinse-repeat. Pretty simple at low level Mythic+.

    Rixxa Fluxflame

    DK's run to her and tank in place, move them out of the goo that shoots out on occasion. Otherwise, they pretty much stay in place. Rixxa aims most of her other abilities at anyone out of melee range. I drive the healer and stay on the edge of the platform for the 2 rounds of Azerite Catalyst, then move closer to Rixxa to dodge the Propellant Blast. Obviously, stay on the opposite side of the tanks for the Propellant Blast. Very predictable fight and once you get the hang of the rhythm of her abilities, it is straightforward.

    Mogul Razdunk

    Once again, send the DK's in to tank in place. Keep the healer out of range of the Homing Missile damage range. I ignore the Gatling Gun damage. During phase 2, DK's run after the Skyscorchers and kill them. I heal the tanks as I am able, ignoring damage from the Drill Smash. I try to keep the healer close to a pillar just in case he/she gets targeted by the Drill Smash. Once the Skyscorchers are dead, DK's follow the healer and run to the pillars in turn, heal as able. I leave the DK's by the pillar if they are targeted, otherwise run the healer solo to a pillar and keep the DK's out of damage range. Once the pillars are down, go back to the initial strategy.
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    Ran it with 5 Druids last night on a +7. Did it pretty quickly. For some reason I'm able to just pump out so much more DPS with the Druids it feels like (when movement is not an issue).

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    thats some crazy dps.. i cant figure it out of the druids.. i use various GSEs and isboxer combo...cant nail it down. I think my druids ,420 item level max 20k dps
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
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    It's all in the Streaking Stars Azerite trait, you need it on all pieces and to have at least 1x Arcanic Pulsar.
    When you pop your 3 min. cooldown you do very high dps for the window.
    To offset outside of that burst window, Visions of Perfection and the Arcanic Pulsar help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    It's all in the Streaking Stars Azerite trait, you need it on all pieces and to have at least 1x Arcanic Pulsar.
    When you pop your 3 min. cooldown you do very high dps for the window.
    To offset outside of that burst window, Visions of Perfection and the Arcanic Pulsar help.

    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    Here it is, the money shot. Motherlode +10 in time on Season 4! upgraded the key even to a +2.

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