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    To try and stimulate some discussion of trinity comp strategies, here are my notes from my initial Mythic +0 run of King's Rest. I use a blood dk/resto druid/BM Hunterx3 composition.

    My opinion may be coloured by the fact that, for obvious reasons, my team of Alliance characters was far better geared for this dungeon than any other. However, there isn't anything overwhelmingly problematic,mechanics-wise, throughout the dungeon. The trash is pretty manageable; the only trash worth mentioning is the embalming fluid before the second boss for which I had to kite around extensively. Again: BM hunters are probably going to be the trinity team MVPs in BfA, as they were in Legion.

    Golden Serpent: Very manageable. The team is positioned on the balcony as the tank fights the boss in the main room. I manually control the character that gets hit with Spit Gold and move him out of the pool as little as possible to keep all the pools confined to the balcony. When Lucre's Call turns the pools into adds, Mass Entanglement works wonders. Easy to apply,assuming the pools are stacked in roughly the correct location, and the adds are CCed for the full 30 seconds happily. I actually just rooted them and then ignored them, but they will presumably need to be killed on higher keys because of diminishing returns on repeated casts of a root.

    Mchimba the Embalmer: The boss that worries me the most in this instance. The mechanics are simple enough to execute: Spread the DPS around the room, close to but not adjacent to the coffins. Have the healer in the middle and tank the boss as far from the coffins as possible. Manually move characters out of the fire patches caused by burn corruption individually; it goes without saying, never position two characters close together so that two never get affected by the patch at once. Drain Fluids can affect someone just hit by Burn Corruption: a single target healing cooldown will be required if that's the case. When the entomb happens, wobble the tomb with one and look to see which character is closest. I mark all my characters with raid markers to make it easier to spot. I was comfortably able to get the character out of the tomb before a Half-Finished Mummy was produced, so I have no idea how much of a problem they are.

    My concern with this boss is the Burn Corruption: It hits brutally hard. Success and failure on high keys will be determined by whether I can get the affected character out of the fire quickly enough. Its a good moment for personal cooldowns (Turtle, Exhilaration). I'm, frankly, terrified that Burn Corruption might just one-shot on high keys. I wonder if its possible to dodge, somehow? I may go and test this out sometime on Monday or Tuesday before reset.

    The Council of Tribes: Straightforward mechanics, though punishing if done incorrectly. Mercifully, none of the mechanics punish stacking the team, so I have them following the tank at all times. Priority number one is interrupting Posion Nova: without some way of dispelling all the poison very rapidly, its probably a wipe if it triggers, as the damage is huge and you have things to dodge rather than having the healer stand still. When the totems spawn, I kill shock first to stop the healer being interrupted, then fire, then the annoying water (which I deal with by running the team around like a headless chicken), then earth. On less mobile comps, I expect that water will need to be killed first. On higher keys, fire might have to be killed first if it can't be killed second before it triggers.

    For Kula, the axes take a very well defined path. By tanking her in the center all the time, you can dodge the two axes by moving outwards,then move into the center again. They will never come back.

    For Aka'ali, just stacking the entire team together mitigated the damage from the charge enough to survive on +0. They give you a VERY generous amount of time to arrange the party, though, so if needs be you can stack the party up then manually control the target to be the opposite side of the bulk of the party to the boss.

    Dazar, The First King: A reasonable end boss, but one with the potential to turn into a chaotic mess. First up, its worth mentioning that the tank damage from Blade Combo is VERY high. Some sort of cooldown rotation might be needed on high keys. Quaking Leap is the big mechanical problem of the fight: If it wasn't there, you could just group up the team. I'm not 100% on what the optimal strategy will be for dealing with it. I started with the team widely spread so the leap wasn't a problem, and shifted the entire formation to the left or right on command to dodge the gale slashes and the first raptor.

    The second raptor's fear has the potential to cause chaos:Shamans will be be very valuable here with Tremor Totem. Without one, its clear to me that the second raptor has to die, ASAP. I will probably be using Bloodlust on this guy on high keys.

    When the spears start dropping, when the boss reaches 40%,the team being largely static breaks down. I have the entire group follow the tank and manually spread out for the leaps, then refollow the tank ASAP. There are inevitably going to be problems with the spears at this bit: I compare this the last boss of Black Rook hold, where the lasers in the intermission phase where possible to avoid, but were a surefire wipe if mis-managed. In that situation, Aspect of the Turtle and Divine Shield were valuable panic buttons for when it is mismanaged. Icebound Fortitude on DK will also work, removing the stun.
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    Has anyone done Golden Serpent with a melee group? I am stuck on that one, and am geared quite well (ilvl 380's).
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    Going for a mega bump here, with a monster +12 Kings Rest completed in season 4.

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    You rock! Thanks for all the vids!
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    So I just did a +8, with a Paladin/Shaman/3x BM Hunter trinity team.

    Beat the timer by 1 second!

    Propt to my man Multidayz for the inspiration for the team comp. I totally stole it
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    Wanted to show the power of Ele Shaman, this is in Prepatch 9.0

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