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Thread: Waycrest Manor

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacer2 View Post

    At least for me this is just impossible, after the patch 8.15, could please someone confirm that now is hitting harder?
    Even in HC ,DK blood, Druid Healer, and 3 casters, hunter, warlock and elemental shaman.
    Are you talking Mythic? I just ran this in Heroic for the first time and after wiping to the last boss for a bit because I'm stupid, I cleared it. The last boss mechanic was something I just ignored on Normal, but Heroic I have to actually play the encounter "as intended".
    World of Warcraft - Bronzebeard (Horde)
    Primary team - 4 Blood DK, Disc Priest (110, ilvl 880-ish)

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    Did a Waycrest +3 last night, it's not a high key so a lot of the mechanics weren't on too big of a display - once I get a higher one will post it.

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