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Thread: Waycrest Manor

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    Just did a +9 Waycrest on my Paladin/Shaman/3x Hunter trinity team, and beat the timer by +3! (even had 2 mins to spare too)

    All thanks to Multidayz for the inspiration and proving it could be done. I never thought I'd be able to multibox this high of a key solo. I owe it all to you man.

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    Woooot. I’m not taking credit! That’s all you. I love to hear more doing so well. Hopefully it was a decent +12 key.

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    +13 Waycrest using Trinity comp after the Prepatch. Extremely strong comp going into Shadowlands.
    If you want a team that is going to be potentially the strongest for strictly Mythic + adventures, this is going to be the route.

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