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Thread: Waycrest Manor

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacer2 View Post

    At least for me this is just impossible, after the patch 8.15, could please someone confirm that now is hitting harder?
    Even in HC ,DK blood, Druid Healer, and 3 casters, hunter, warlock and elemental shaman.
    Are you talking Mythic? I just ran this in Heroic for the first time and after wiping to the last boss for a bit because I'm stupid, I cleared it. The last boss mechanic was something I just ignored on Normal, but Heroic I have to actually play the encounter "as intended".
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    Did a Waycrest +3 last night, it's not a high key so a lot of the mechanics weren't on too big of a display - once I get a higher one will post it.

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    As mentioned. Here is a higher key run. A +7 , able to see more mechanics during the fight especially with Tyrannical going. I did a +3 on this. With my current gear set I feel up to a +10 might be timed. (I'm at 450-455 ilvl), if I can get to 465~ or better that should really open up the doors.

    Here is the video:

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSorc View Post

    I watched this before doing +4 this week (same affixes). Was super helpful. The trash count is definitely something to keep in mind for this dungeon. I had to run back up to the cellar and kill 1 more trash mob, and I by no means was trying to skip through or go quickly. Quite the opposite. Was taking my time and making sure I didn't mess things up.

    This might be my easiest dungeon. The triad is the only thing that really poses a challenge. 2 reasons: 1) not much in the way of strong AoE healing. 2) Hunters instantly turtle in mind control. It's infuriating. For anyone doing this for the first time, for triad, I recommend slowing dps down during the third witch and making sure your group is topped off before going to the first two again.

    Witch 1: Burn, hope you don't get mind control
    Witch 2: Burn harder, spam heals, hope you don't die
    Witch 3: Slow down and recover, get ready to burst the mind control out
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    New Melee team. Knocked out a +6, showing you don't have to have the cookie cutter build to make it work! (though it can be frustrating)

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    My super tilted run through Waycrest +5

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    +11 in time with +2 key, probably my best run so far. Waycrest if you can beat the sisters on first try seems like a very favorable key for us.

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    +13 in time with +2

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    +13 in time using Druids instead! Even faster!

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