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    Default Notes on BFA Mythic Dungeons, Trinity comp

    As of this morning, having scraped together enough 7th legion rep to unlock King's Rest, I've done a full clear of all the mythic dungeons. In the interests of trying to start a conversation to refine strategies, I thought I'd write up my notes on the full set of dungeons.

    Warning: HUGE post incoming. I'll try to format it to make it easier to find what you want.

    Some background: Having tried about 10 or so comps extensively in pre-patch, I've landed on Blood DK/Resto Druid/BM Hunter x 3 as my composition. I'll point out where this is important throughout, and where I think that other classes might shine. In particular, the mobility of the BM hunters will be hard to replace in a number of the dungeons. I actually did my first Mythic dungeon (Siege of Boralus) before any of my team even had the item level to queue for heroics; the difficulty (in terms of numbers) is not as high as it was in legion. I assume this is a trade-off for Fortified and Tyrannical being on +2 keys this time around. By the time I did King's rest, my team was around about Ilvl 335-340. As I evaluate difficulty, I'll try to take this into account.

    In general terms, the dungeon list feels similar to Legion:Some easy, some hard, one nightmarish. The trash is a lot more interesting:chain pulling will be a lot harder in BfA with all of the trash mechanics and the nerfing of AoE stuns. This should serve to help diminish the gap between the execution of top multiboxers and top conventional players. CC should get alot more use here than it did on legion: there are some nasty trash packs that I will probably use freezing trap on even with trivial difficulty keys because the trash mechanics are so punishing. Atal'Dazar and Underrot come to mind in particular. Also, I'll add that having an offensive dispel available is pretty much mandatory for almost every dungeon: Thankfully, BM hunters can take care of it with a spirit beast, which is by far my favorite pet in BfA.

    In terms of difficulty of multiboxing, I split the dungeons up as follows:


    Waycrest Manor - No boss mechanics that are overly problematic for multiboxers.
    King's Rest - Concerns that the raw damage on the 2nd and last boss might be hard on high keys, but simple.
    The MOTHERLODE!! - Aside from one mechanic on the first boss, straightforward.


    Freehold - No boss isn't manageable, but boss 2 and 3 are very punishing.
    Temple of Sethraliss - Boss 3 is going to be a nightmare on high keys, I predict it.


    Siege of Boralus - Easy, apart from the last boss which is hideous to multibox. Mercifully, can be cheesed.
    Tol Dagor - Easy, again apart from the last boss. Can be done, but requires no mistakes.


    Atal'Dazar - Nasty trash throughout, all the bosses have troublesome mechanics.
    Shrine of the Storm - Nasty trash. Boss 2 is way harder on Mythic, final boss is tough


    The Underrot - Hideous trash, 2nd boss is a major problem for multiboxers.

    Dungeon by dungeon write-ups

    Waycrest Manor

    Probably the easiest dungeon to multibox with a wide variety of compositions. No trash problems anywhere, though the devouring maggots before Raal are annoying and need focusing down and interrupting.

    Heartsbane Triad: Easy. One of the only bosses where being a multiboxer might help rather than hinder, as everybody always attacks the correct target. When mind controlled, BM hunters tend to use aspect of the turtle, meaning they can't be dpsed down, but don't pump out any damage themselves. Possibly want to use turtle before the pull to put it on cooldown to stop this. There's no particular reason to stack other than for heals, so you can spread out the party to deal with Unstable Rune Mark before the pull and just turret the bosses.

    Soulbound Goliath: My strategy was to have the team on follow and run around most of the time, basically executing the fight normally otherwise. Kill the soul thorns as a priority, though they don't take much damage. The damage to the group when you trigger wildfire is quite high, and you have to run away from the boss at the same time to avoid the Burning Souls.This makes the Resto Druid incredibly valuable on this fight: healers that have to stand to group heal will have to use a different strategy.

    Raal: Straightforward. Tank stands in melee with the boss,the rest of the team stacks somewhere in the middle of the room and side steps as one when Rotten Expulsion is cast. Use follow all when he begins Tenderize and weave between the casts: the damage is not immediately lethal, so the phase is forgiving of a couple of mistakes. The fight gives you a generous amount of time to deal with Call Servant, and stuns and roots can extend this.

    Lord and Lady Waycrest: Fight revolves around managing Virulent Pathogen. I start having the team follow the tank and hover roughly in the middle of the fight area. This position is chosen so that when Virulent Pathogen triggers, the team can spread without having problems with LoS or running into edges and not having space. After the pathogen triggers, I hit follow the tank again quickly as Discordant Cadenza follows swiftly after: the tank charges around to pull the team out of the swirlies then the fight repeats. When Lady Waycrest joins the fight, I focus down Lord Waycrest so that I don't have to deal with the pathogen anymore, then the fight is basically over.

    Gorak Tul: Incredibly straightforward end boss. With no particular reason that everybody can't stack if you interrupt correctly, I park the ranged stack somewhere and have the tank move freely. The tank grabs the potion vials, the team focusses down the adds and burn them. Make sure interrupt the bosses casts. A very easy to execute and very controlled fight. Dread Essence does not hit hard: not sure it'll even be a problem on high keys.
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    So funny. I made my first go at Underrot today with my brand new 120 team of DK / SHM / Destro * 3. It was on normal and they were 280ish.

    Not a good time. Got loads of config and addon issues to address though. And probably some WQ to grind through.

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