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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayley View Post
    They nerf the farming spots when they become popular via Youtube. Most of those (BFA) aren't even 'stand-still', the players are active and running around.

    People still 'stand-still' farm that place in Nagrand for sumptuous fur/leather haha.
    Who knows what Blizzard use to decide if an area is too good or not.
    This is true, there are few true "stand still on one spot farm spots" left, but you can still start "hyper spawns", but it usually require a "lot" (10+) characters spread all over killing mobs, and after a min or two, the mobs start to "hyperspawn" = many characters all over doing their own "stand still farm". Sometimes you just need to test out a area and have a little patience and then "baaam" /yes

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    Was casually farming a bit with all my characters tightly placed in the same area. I basically just got there and noticed some other players that wanted to join. I went on to change groups and placement of several characters. This took 10 min or so atleast. I then noticed some characters had been teleported away a bit. I quickly moved them back, then they disconnected and got banned. I had been rapported for cheating from other players. After many mails to blizz, to the very top, they insist to keep them banned for several months. Its only those couple of accounts though and no big deal for me. Understand it those who can (only those 2).

    Apparently (my best guess, as they wouldnt reveal the reason, as they had to keep that a secret), they didnt like the "one button key remapping farming button" i used and ment it was automation. So i will be using 1 button for a dps macro, one for looting and one for jumping, from now on.

    So if you get rapported, you can get quickly tested, teleports, games disconnects and maybe more. Better be awake. Be carefull out there.
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    People at Blizzard, probably thinking:

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    I don't farm and I pay for my accounts, been like that for 10 years. Though I would like to make some gold... not for game time but for mounts, gear etc
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