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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayley View Post
    it has it's drawbacks.
    This was my concern. I don't like hassles. I'd rather pay a little more and not have to screw around with extra programs and micromanaging stuff that should just work out of the box.

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    The comparative Intel chip is 1k (AUD) more expensive-- which would put you in 2990wx territory lol. Hell that's the price of an extra 2080
    i9-7920X (from OP) can't compete and the 2950x.
    i9-7960x .. all the reviews show each chip being 1% better/worse than each other, which to me is margin of error when testing things.

    9th to 12th of January 2019 (CES) is when AMD will be 'hopefully' announcing their new Ryzen lineup. Which could shake the prices of current tech a little more in your favour.

    If it was my money? I'd 99% buy Intel, fangirl for life.

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