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    I haven’t done any dungeons yet

    what’s the shortest dungeon you boxed in bfa ?

    Whats the easiest dungeon you boxed in bfa?

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    The shortest is probably Freehold. You can skip a really good chunk of the trash, the area itself is not large and you can be mounted for the entire dungeon.

    The easiest to box is Waycrest Manor, though its going to depend on your set up. There's not really much in there to cause you a problem (assuming you can function while mobile for Soulbound Goliath)

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    i was able to do most of the "easy" labeled dungeons from RedSorc's brain dump. using 5 x Druid Tanks. Some of them were rough because of mechanics that literally punished melee., I was able to Regen/SotF through most of the mechanics but at the end of some of them i usually only had 1 or 2 dudes standing and this is ilvl 290 average.

    When i originaly tried a trinity setup within the 5 druids i had major issues, but i believe that was more due to setup/reaction speed/macros not being right more them the class being the issue. Even after having some recent success with the druid group, im still working through my group comp to find somethign that suits me better. Im currently enjoying healing on a monk right now, my DKs are super fun tanks as well. So i want to give them a try as well.

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    I was running Brewmaster + 4DK & Brewmaster + 5 Pal to farm BOEs in Vul Dun, Brew monks are definitely fun.

    In the 5x druid setup Tank/Heal/boomx3 should work fine for any normal dungeon, or go healer + 4 bears if you need the durability.

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