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Thread: EMA and IsBoxer

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    I just wonted to say i lax is working to give me access to your Team Lists from the is boxer addon,

    And Been thinking of a way to support ISBoxer with EMA better my current plans are as follows

    A new module listed as ISBoxer -

    In here will have a Sync Option this will temporary "remove" from your team list and restore them if there are added back to EMA this will keep all settings like EMA groups(tags) and other settings stored by the time table! (this should help with a few of my biggest problems with the current and past Jamba/JAMBA-EE Problems )

    it will add new characters. or restore Team Members.

    it Show your Current ISBoxer Team Name.

    As well this module will give you access to a few commands ISBoxer uses mainly strobe and master group support.

    The add ISBoxer Team Button comes back to the GUI again,

    There Might be a Few other things i add later, but for now this is my current plan.

    I know many of you liked jamba support with isboxer but there was problems with it many do not understand with it.
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    Thanks Ebony, your hard work is much appreciated

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    I was thinking bout this today: can we just set up an ISBoxer macro that has something like this in it?

    !if ("slot 1" and character is not "slot 1") /EMA-team add {SLOT1}
    !if ("slot 2" and character is not "slot 2") /EMA-team add {SLOT2}
    !if ("slot 3" and character is not "slot 3") /EMA-team add {SLOT3}
    !if ("slot 4" and character is not "slot 4") /EMA-team add {SLOT4}
    !if ("slot 5" and character is not "slot 5") /EMA-team add {SLOT5}
    Or just
    /EMA-team add {SLOT1}
    /EMA-team add {SLOT2}
    /EMA-team add {SLOT3}
    /EMA-team add {SLOT4}
    /EMA-team add {SLOT5}
    I realize it isn't fully semi-automatic but it's doable today without any further effort on the part of anyone, am I right?

    * Caveat: I haven't tested this but I presume the latter example would work as none of that has changed recently.
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    ISBoxer module should be in beta build 0091if anyone would loke to try/test

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    hey, where u need to change that ?
    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    hi you would need to change /jamba-team to /ema-team if you really really want to do the master auto change...

    saying that not much of ema uses master "system" and going foreword its something am removing and you use "group/char" system.

    its something that not needed like it was, and my "master" is the "char" i call my main but she always stays at the master

    If you really want all the master systems and auto adding and deleting chars and isboxer "support" then stay with jamba! But am not going to maintain or support it, jamba was hopeing me back the addon i want to take to places.

    I was hoping the players would welcome the changes but they did not in ema beta! (some did) and that is why we now ended up with a jamba/ema mix
    as well the ema/jamba mix was to support both ema and jamba together but i just got more hate for that. Problem now at a time where the xpac is out and i not got time to mass around making it back to the EMA i want but its in a place it works.

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    holy hell what a old topic

    anyway ema understand jamba commands now has done for a long time

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