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    Default Ebony's MultiBoxing Assistant 8.1.0 (For BFA) -- Updated

    EMA is a addon that was based on my own work put into Jamba-EE that...

    EMA was mostly my full work and code was Used under the MIT license that comes with JAMBA

    Support me at:

    Now about the addon:

    EMA is an Addon for multiboxers.


    It has the following features:


    1. Add all your characters Into a driven rich List With support for Mutiple Team Lines
    2. A offline system that will automatic offline characters your not player anymore
    3. Display health, Power, Class Power (combo Points) and experience bars (inc artifact power) of team members even when they are not in the same party.


    1. Create a complete party from among all your characters with just a few clicks. and even Invite Multiple Groups of 5 man party/raids


    1. Quest selection, accepting, abandoning, completion and watching on one character are mirrored by your other characters.
    2. Automatically accept quests and escort quests. Automatically complete quests with no choice of rewards or Same Rewards. (same Class)


    1. A really helpful GUI to Show what quests what chars are on and what they have done very helpful to know what is getting done and when.
    2. Right click to untrack on all of the team! or share a quest and or abandoned Quests


    1. Option to automatically follow after combat.
    2. Ability to warn master character in a variety of ways if a minion stops following.
    3. Commands available to strobe the follow command every second (great for boxing melee characters where combat breaks follow).


    1. Whispers to slave characters can be forward to the master character as well as master replies.
    2. Can direct replies from slaves to a particular character from the master character (/w myslave @myslavetarget hello there)


    1. Slave characters automatically take the same flight as the master character.
    2. EMA: Auto Loot helps with a Blizzard AutoLoot where sometimes items get suck! (quest items)
    3. Mount Uses the same Mount as any team Member


    1. Automatically sell by quality and Llvl.
    2. Automatically sell Items in a list!
    3. Automatically purchase items from merchants/venders! and by EMA: Tags
    4. Automatically repair at a merchant (optionally using guild funds).


    1. Automatically deny duels, deny guild invitations, and accept resurrection requests + Only Team Members!
    2. Automatically accept summon requests.
    3. Warn the Team when health, mana, Durability fall below a certain percentage.
    4. Warn When a Team Members runs out of Bag Space
    5. Set WarMode On all TeamMembers


    1. Configure Ema options for all characters from just one character.
    2. Messages to master character can be sent to various places (guild, guild officer, private channel, default chat, etc).
    3. Communications Can Be used as Automatic Or Guild (faster)

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    Q: I found a Bug?

    A: Cool Great: Then its time to post here on my bug tracker As i had a lot of i don't want to sign up fornew accounts this bug tracker will let you post as a anonymous user! no there no reason i can see fix for you not to use this tracker!

    As well you Might want to check to see if your issues is already posted 1st and maybe give more information I do play the game as much as anyone unless its something i see haping it can be a real nightmare to track something down EMA is not a small add on

    Q: Why Did you quit jamba it was great

    A: Jamba has been Great for the last few years but most of the code was written for WOTLK 3.0.3 it was not coded by me then and Jafula Made most of the code, Its getting very very very outdated and am fed of of hacking into something i know can be done better.

    Remember how bad blizzard's own code is! They can change a SKY box somewhere and lose a summon stone at dead mines If you think this is easy to work though then you can be wrong i can get very very stressed looking though 17 addons! Yes that right Jamba was classed as 17 Addons i could change something in one addon and break it somewhere else that has nothing to do with it! Even TSM has axed the Module system for there "own" what they class as there own Code!

    As well You prob seen by now all the users that wonted old jamba back How bad It was/is to update to BFA and this is without the really bad error i found (i guess it was the skybox at blizzards end) or though saying that WoWapi is very funny and they started a phasing system that where they keep the code around a bit but it does not work on ptr/beta for a few builds the poof sometimes they just go all out and remove it off the bat! its really "fun"

    When beta hit us i made the choice of just working on EMA and letting Jamba and me go our own ways, much of the beta feedback was to keep it jamba so it could work with isboxer and commands lines etc stayed the same i went back and foreword for months on this So i moved on from EMA and when With "Jamba" but using my new EMA code EMA i started working on in wod it was not something i put togaver in 5 mins and spend many many long nights on it. and am still nowhere ner at the point i would like to be at. but like they say time i money friend! And or though i work part time sometimes i just find it to hard to get out of bed. All i can say is i wish i stayed with EMA because in turn that all that happened now anyway. anyway this story could go on forever! Maybe i should write a book.........

    Q: I Would like to support you/ Bet you get tons of donation's

    A: Not really Curse forge has a plan that they give devs something but it can be as low as $0.15 every 3 days! its like 12p in the UK there not a lot we can buy for 12p over here 1 pt of mink is around 55p. (this plan used to be great before twitch and minecraft came! )

    the 1st year i got a good £60 from cruse that got me some pc stuff!

    Now i just cashed out £30 for about 4 years work and even then i had to give tax info!

    As for donation's they come slowly even if i gone out my way to help/add something for someone.. Anyway am not trying to make anyone free bad but when i can not even get a thank you from half the people i know now you was more supporting then i had in my head. Jamba peeks at around 3000 downloads and it was hard to track where the information should be put it seems here my main place is not fully so when you do a big update they did not see

    Anyway if you would like to still support me i have a Patreon Link in main Topic and there is a Paypal One off donation button On curse forge

    Q: I Like to see something New?

    A: Ok this is a hard one to answer as everyone has different Ways they think what we can i do with in the rules of how a addon can do due to blizzard code they can lock take a look here might able to help you before you request the feature

    To Request a feature then use my Bug Tracker (again you do not need an account to post there) and put it as a enhancement don't be silly and set the Priority high is not funny and if anyone does then ill lower it and put it at the bottom of the list thing about what your doing you help me you help yourself and you help all the other EMA users. Upsetting people is never going to end well.

    Q: OK this topic?

    A: I hope all this is helpful and no need to keep posting in this topic or on other places. try and keep this topic for thanks, and help requests you feel other users can help with and if you know how to help someone do!!!! it saves my time i can not do 7 Peoples job and hold everyone Hands not helpful

    Q: "Push Settings" now working????

    A: So it seems That A Lot does not understand how to setup a team without isboxer doing it for! and then reporting "push Settings not working!!!!!" Right So you Need to Add the Team List on your "master" of all the chars You would like to push the settings to As Well on the they need the master (or the teamList as well) so they can Trust the "Master" WITHOUT THIS ANYONE COULD SEND YOU SETTINGS and you know how much you could get trolled with someone with half a brain? As well if two boxer was to group up settings could get mixed up!

    There is a isboxer "Sync" that you need to turn on in the ISBoxer module then Relog your team for them to get a teamlist!

    hope this helps this is getting asked a lot

    Q: Why Use EMA over Jamba?


    If you like to ask anything else then replay here with "I have a Question for You ebony"! and ill try and answer it might even add it here!

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    Wonderful! I've been able to salvage my old settings by renaming every jamba.lua file in account#\SavedVariables and deleting each occurence of the word "Jamba" in it, flawless so far!

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    Well Ebony Super thrilled you decided to continue i was feeling for you and trying to figure out a way to support you. Lemme know when or if you get some sort of donation going i'll be more than happy to support you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qebm View Post
    Wonderful! I've been able to salvage my old settings by renaming every jamba.lua file in account#\SavedVariables and deleting each occurence of the word "Jamba" in it, flawless so far!

    yep should be easy to do if you know a little editing files

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veerlo View Post
    Well Ebony Super thrilled you decided to continue i was feeling for you and trying to figure out a way to support you. Lemme know when or if you get some sort of donation going i'll be more than happy to support you
    Am on patreon now!! Read 1st post

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    Awesome job Ebony, thanks for doing this <3 I like the download link via email when you update too. As I said before, keep up the good work!

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    Just sent you some $$ for all your hard work keep up the great work ,

    I will be supporting more as well =)

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    Added support on Patreon. Thanks for the hard work!

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    Question for folks. Has anyone noticed the teams not mounting together? Seems to be intermittent but could be I don't have something set properly. I do have "mount with team" checked in EMA.

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