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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post

    The addon was working perfectly to all my needs, except the item-use bar keybindings wasnt working. No direct crisis, but would be handy to have. Was about to download and install a later update to try sort it. Now the download link is gone..

    So this is what the donations and patreon went to... money out the window? This isnt accepable.

    Anyone have the version that fixed "item-use" keybinds they can share please?

    And to the author of this addon: as you said it yourself: this thread is where we can ask other multiboxers for quick help. You dont have to follow or respond to this thread at all. If we have any vital errors we wish to update you on, that will be done thru other means of communications and include a proper error rapport. Since that was the way you wanted it done. Which i can understand.

    If you need to take a break, thats fine. Take a long break. A long one. The addon works good enough now for bfa. But please, dont remove the work thats already completed.

    We need access to the most up to date and working version you released.

    Thank you.
    Search things up before you start typing things

    Patreon doesn't not pay a person right away only once every new month so she didn't get anything from it, if people wanna return the Patreon donation they still can

    As for Jamba it has been a open source she never been the owner of the original version it, she fixed old files to make it work for current patches that's it..

    It's her choice to upload her updated version and make it public or not

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    Default wrwerewr

    Please, don't let us alone.
    I like what you have done for us. I'm a happy patreon. Don't be upset with people that are here just for complain.
    You have been doing great with yours addon. It's natural minor bugs with a new version, just do it on your time but don't let us alone.

    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    Jamba-ee my work to ema now gone.

    Jamba was fast upgraded to bfa rhe old ver most wonnted back
    But not speninf time i tested some stuff seemed ok idk

    All this over somonthing i did not like

    Anyway am done. Done with addons done with it car't do it any more

    Its now time for me to go, get everything sorted for my long sleep

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    Well, i was obviously happy about the addon and the fixes the author did to it, so it works with bfa. The updated versions along the way were to become available at a certain website. Thats why i donated and became patreon. I dont expect updates often. But the updates thats been released, i wish access to atleast. Or else = no more patreon from me.

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    I don't know what happened but I loved all the changes that you made to Jamba. Too bad you decided to quit. I hope someone else can take over the project.

    Thank you for all the work you put into it so this community could have fun boxing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathiasverbert View Post
    Luckily i had my addons backed up (before BFA launch) :P
    Here if anyone wants it (expires in 7 days)
    this is not the complete addon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atwaa View Post
    this is not the complete addon
    Last edited by mathiasverbert : 08-17-2018 at 12:42 PM

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    I hope your sign off there does not mean what it sounds like to hell with the shitters that are not happy with anything you did, The addon was perfect for what it was made for imo. there is no need in being a picky shit for free stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathiasverbert View Post
    thank you very much

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    My God, how can one be such a tearful person. "Oh my god a few people don't appreciate my work".
    Dude this is the real world. There will always be people who can not be satisfied. Of course, these people always scream the loudest. Most silent users i know were satisfied with jamba.
    But ok just stop and let the many satisfied silent users down because of a few idiots.

    If Jamba does not work anymore after an update, then I will gladly update it, if nobody else does it.

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    Why is this great addon still called "jamba" on the twitch updater? Its your work your putting into it. Call it official EMA already =)

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