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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post
    I dont understand those instructions. If its not a long procedyre, please consider to create a step by step guide in the "f.a.q" on page 1 of this thread.
    It's addon installation 101

    covers all you need to know, as far as your settings for each Mod that info is stored else where in the the WTF folders

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    I do know how to download and extract the addon, and its easy enough to drag the new version into the addons folder, and then just "replace / overwrite" the old file.

    So my personal settings wont be deleted by updating the addon itself (which is located under the folder named "addons"), since my custom settings are stored in the "wtf" folder.

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    Where can I get the new addon? any links?

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    I updated jamba through the twitch app about 5 hours ago sad to see it was a big mistake. only been using jamba for a few months so im sorry to see all this! amazing work ebony and thank you for everything. any way i can get the previous version? did i have jamba-ee? it had the isboxer team import option... i familiarized myself with it right before BFA launch and i liked it so much more than the older versions. if someone could point me to a jamba-ee or EMA download it would be very much appreciated!

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    What happened :\, is there still anyway to get this I really liked everything about the most recent jamba sad to see it go​

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    Hm I dunno really what happened and all but today my jamba updated and nothing works anymore. And the new addon doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

    Is there any link to download it? Kind of sad tbh i really liked the last update. Now everythings broken and i can't use it anymore.

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    Luckily i had my addons backed up (before BFA launch) :P
    Here if anyone wants it (expires in 7 days)
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    Jamba-ee my work to ema now gone.

    Jamba was fast upgraded to bfa rhe old ver most wonnted back
    But not speninf time i tested some stuff seemed ok idk

    All this over somonthing i did not like

    Anyway am done. Done with addons done with it car't do it any more

    Its now time for me to go, get everything sorted for my long sleep

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    If someone made you get angry just block them =/!
    Don't punish everyone who likes your work because of that one who didnt >.>

    Thank you! me and my 3 other friends like your addon!

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    The addon was working perfectly to all my needs, except the item-use bar keybindings wasnt working. No direct crisis, but would be handy to have. Was about to download and install a later update to try sort it. Now the download link is gone..

    So this is what the donations and patreon went to... money out the window? This isnt accepable.

    Anyone have the version that fixed "item-use" keybinds they can share please?

    And to the author of this addon:
    as you said it yourself: this thread is where we can ask other multiboxers for quick help. You dont have to follow or respond to this thread at all.

    If we have any vital errors we wish to update you on, that will be done thru other means of communications and include a proper error rapport. Since that was the way you wanted it done. Which i can understand.

    If you need to take a break, thats fine. Take a long break. Whatever you need. The addon works good enough now for bfa. But please, dont remove the work thats already completed.

    I would like access to the most up to date and working version you released.

    Thats all i request.

    Thank you.
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