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    Quote Originally Posted by Meeo View Post
    After running most of the dungeons on non-heroic (ilvl 310), several of them i had issues with to where i couldn't finish them. i decided that 5 Druid is definitely not for me. trying to keep up my dps rotations while keeping hots rolling is pretty rough to me specifically.
    My recommendation is: 5x Prot Pal or 5x Blood DK, if you want to be able to queue for randoms with Dks use 1x Prot Pal + 4x Blood DK.
    I have had decent success with Pal / Disc / Hunters, but it's a lot of work, and heroic is pretty freaking hard right now.

    I'm debating trying DK / Druid / 3x Affliction Locks after I get my DK and Pally groups done.
    I'm leveling Monk + 4 DKs right now, and the Monk will swap out for my lvl 120 Prot Pal.
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    How are you liking the Monk + 4 DKs. That seems like a very interesting setup. Monks healing seems at a good spot.

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    im again running 5 monks, 4 brewmasters and 1 mistweaver for now

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