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    Quote Originally Posted by CMKCot View Post
    5x prot pal atm, progression from leveling to mythics has been pretty swift. (team is currently at 340ilvl average, dint buy a single BOE)

    the main strength of paladins is just how well synergies work. we can get 100% out of the Grace of the justicar trait. currently my entire team gets a 7.5k heal every time i cast a judgement, then judgement of light gives me another average 5k healing per second. add to that double judgement from talents + resets from hammers and i can have a chain of judgements going out all the time.

    that's without even counting healing from shields, vampiric procs and other sources. and i haven't even mentioned hand of the protector... which is supposed to be out main heal! some fights i don't even bother casting it. oh, and Last defended has no diminishing returns anymore... since we can already pull about 2x as much trash as a normal group, out synergies get even crazier. (in average +20%damage)

    the most insane healing fight is Cragmaw the infested, and my team can do about 45khps... that's unreal. i can actually heal through a full tantrum worth of bleeds and explosions... and on the last pull i did i didn't even need to do bubble, LoH was anough since i still had my main DR button ready.

    (12k hps on main tank, all alts about 10k.)

    our healing at this point on the expansion is comparable to the healing of a helm+legs team on the last tier of legion... (which could autopilot on m+15...) and given how crap paladins are for normal play, i can see a buff in the future.

    now im not saying we can do high mythics, in fact i don't think my team can do anything over m+3 yet. because we lack the damage... but considering that most other teams simply CANT do the instances... i think its not a bad idea to go prot, at least for the first tier.

    Justicar is so OP that a 285 ilvl piece was still better than a 340ivl piece...

    other things palas can do is get 5x Jes' howler trinks... the total Versatility gained by the team is about 8000!

    using wings + Jes + pot + drums gives about + 80% damage. by the time it wears the average boss is at 60%... pots are crazy expensive, so i try not to go full out, im saving most of those nukes for m+ week.
    Glad to see your success with paladins... Mine are up and coming, been focused on my trinity comp for Mythic+ stuff. Until I got about ilvl 330 I was pretty annoyed that I didn't get 5x Prot Pal first like I did in legion... Now I've been able to down every mythic, but there are some fights that I struggle with and know 5x prot pal would cheese it... Was excited to see all the judgement synergy.

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    yeah, overall healing is about 25% Grace of the justicar, 25% judgement of light, then random sources depending on incoming damage.

    that screenshot is from a really bizarre fight

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    What are you running for a talent setup on the Paladin group? Did they blow through normal/heroic in quest gear? Gotta say, you're making me consider a Pally team now that my Hunter farming team is topping out from WQ/Warfront gear. Time to work on something new

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