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    The gold gained from tailoring/alchemy/leatherworking is mainly from doing crafts that has cooldown (cooldown is around ~1-4 days).
    It is sort of a "passive income" in the sense that people will pay more for the produced goods than the material cost with a high demand because of the cooldown. Still have to login and craft it.

    To make mooncloth for tailoring you need to go to a moonwell, so need to travel for it.

    To make transmutes for alchemy you don't need to go anywhere special, I think you just need a transmutation stone + the materials to make the transmutes.

    To make refined deeprock salt with leatherworking I don't think you need to go anywhere either, just need a salt shaker and some deeprock salt. I am pretty sure leatherworking has the lowest profit since it isn't used for as good and many things.
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