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    I think at this point there isn't enough data to make a call. The big "ifs" in my opinion are:

    Will there be IWT?
    Will there be a balance pass, or will classes be as they were?

    If you're after gold, then I imagine for the first six months of the server's life you'll want to farm humanoids for raw gold plus cloth drops. Tyr's Hand or running a group of 5 through dungeons might be the most lucrative.

    As far as group comps go? With no balance changes and IWT, then Warriors will without question be the best class for everything. They scaled better than every other class with gear, and they were the best (read: only) tanks. Without IWT, then Mages will probably be the best. Even with the larger debuff limits, Warlocks and Hunters lagged pretty far behind Mages for damage; we should probably not even talk about Druids.

    If they do a balance pass, then everything's up in the air. All of the classes were pretty trivial to play compared to today's standards, so pick the one with the best looking T2 set?
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    If no iwt .. ill do warrior tank..priest healer(or holy pal?), mage, warlock and hunter. Remember, buffs will matter! if IWT .. no idea.. warriors with a pal healer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mosg2 View Post
    Shaman weren't OP at all in vanilla. I mean, you needed one for Bloodlust in raiding, but they weren't good healers or damage dealers, so unless they do a pass on balance (which seems unlikely to me) it'd be unwise to roll a group of'em.
    There is no bloodlust in vanilla. And 5 shaman is a known vanilla composition that is OP for pvp.

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    Back in BC there were totem stacking bugs, while solo the shamans were not so good but five of them were OP. I did not multibox in Vanilla but I did play and if you saw a multiboxer they were usually five shamans.

    I actually started boxing when I saw a team of five shaman and thought it was so cool, and a Google search brought be here to a post from Ellay on totem stacking. While I cant find the post here I still remember the shamans.

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    Classic Demo pre-download available in < 24 hours.

    Also, in case you missed the second Dev Watercooler post.
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    I'll stick to my favourite Xzin Setup I started multiboxing with ages ago (1 Priest + 4 Locks)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asterix View Post
    I'll stick to my favourite Xzin Setup I started multiboxing with ages ago (1 Priest + 4 Locks)

    I thought he played mages? It will be fun to try different combos. I only two boxed vanilla, ( alt tab FTL ). I didn't find out about software for 5 boxing until BC.
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    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    Xzin was 4 mages and a priest. There were barely any 5 boxing players back in vanilla it was just too hard to pull off with hardware and software requirements. By the time BC rolled around it gained popularity and was more functional.
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    A screenshot from someone who got the classic client running shows an interact with target keybind

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    ill just leave this here!

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