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    Quote Originally Posted by Harem View Post
    You prefer druid over paladin for off-tank? Are the priest buffs enough to warrant giving up the extra mage?

    The longer I look at this the more I like it. Thank you.

    Human warrior, pallys
    Night elf hunter and druid
    Gnome priest, mage, warlock or go dwarven priest?
    Druids are better tanks than paladins, paladins are better healers than druids. Especially as an off tank, since they can do reasonable DPS as cat while not tanking or be used to spam decurse which is super useful in some fights. Either works fine in dungeons. My comments about paladins as tanks earlier in this thread were mostly based on the fact that I love holy paladins so I'm willing to put up with their deficiencies as tanks to have that utility. Both paladins and druids can tank or heal with the same spec as long as you've got gear for both roles you can always swap if you find you prefer one over the other for a particular dungeon.

    You'll want a priest for buffs and dispel magic. Dwarf priest with fear ward is the superior choice, especially in a group with a druid as a tank since they have no way of removing fear from themselves.

    Another option would be to bring a single mage for buffs, water and portals and then swap the other mages for warlocks. Would make the shadow weaving debuff from your priest that much more valuable in 10mans and improved shadow bolt shines with multiple warlocks.

    All the min-maxing is really only necessary if you plan on trying to raid with the groups. If you just want to do dungeons almost any comp will work. The only thing I'd consider "mandatory" is having at least one mage so you don't run out of water.
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    Thanks for the feedback Apatheist.
    I've thought about it some more and for my first PVE team I think I'll go:

    Mage (Raid toon)- Undead or maybe Troll. I hate the troll model though! Enchanting/Tailoring
    Warrior- Orc, maybe Tauren. Skinning/Tailoring
    Shaman- Tauren, mainly as it will be my herbalist/miner.

    God I love planning out characters in rpgs

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    Quote Originally Posted by stubbadub3000 View Post
    Mage (Raid toon)- Undead or maybe Troll. I hate the troll model though! Enchanting/Tailoring
    If you're planning on playing the mage solo for raids or PvP you're definitely going to want to pick up engineering.

    Engineering is pretty much mandatory for everybody in both PvP and PvE in vanilla. Any serious raiding guild will require everybody to have engineering. It's actually great for tanks as well, giving you a high threat AE skill to pull with as well as the force reactive disk and a bunch of other gadgets that are pretty useful.

    Goblin sapper charges are also amazing for a boxer. Having 5 characters run in to a pile of enemies and pop an instant 500 damage AE at the same time is a lot of burst.
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