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    Default Classic trinity team set ups discussion

    So with classic coming at some point in the future, I’m looking at starting multiboxing back up. I’m trying to nail down a team concept, but it is currently eluding me since I honestly have forgotten how much has changed since Vanilla. Off the top of my head, Warrior is the only viable tank for raiding unless you outgear the content anyway, and I recall crowd control being a big issue in 5-man instances. I feel like my options are either go Warrior tank and a bunch of DPS with crowd control, or go with Paladin/Druid tank and give up any hope of tanking a raid but with the option of doing AOE dungeon runs.

    Has anyone else given the subject some thought?

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    In classic, as well as BfA, I will be driving with the healer.

    I will use a paladin tank because they are easier you don't have to micro manage as much, second choice would be druid tank. Allows me more time to focus on healing.

    But that's a gamble as well, if healing isn't as important as I think it will be then it wont be a very effective setup. I've never played max level in classic, I started the game two months before BC came out and I never played anything max level until BC.

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    I've created a megathread for all retail Classic WoW discussion; please post in there.

    I would merge the threads, but it would mess things up.
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    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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