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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post
    Now, my english isnt perfect... is he saying that a macro thats bounded to a key in isboxer, with "activate when pressed and/or release" is enabled = is not allowed?

    Or do he mean that its ok that a keypress happens keypress down and release, but no delay during this is allowed?
    I think we're going off topic here but he defines a keypress as a keydown and keyup with no delays between them. He is saying press one key and it sends keypress + delay + keypress is bad, thats one key two actions. But keypress+keypress is ok as you're sending two keys but only one action is performed.

    He's saying everyone we're doing is fine.

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    It's never exciting news to know that you've been suspended, but this farming technique has "I look like I'm engaging in unattended, automated gameplay" written all over it. If you look or act like a bot, then a GM, who may or may not be well-versed in the realm of multiboxing, can easily just take you as a bot and hand out a temporary ban. Your only option is to appeal.

    I'm also locking this thread because they serve little purpose and we cannot assist further—we do not have a secret back channel where we can have our friends at Blizzard review your case.

    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post
    I was bored and browsed the pinned threads at the top.
    Came across this statement from a blue poster:
    Stop de-railing topics. If you cannot stay on topic in a thread, do not post in the thread—it's as simple as that.

    EDIT: You even edited and removed your entire on-topic reply so that you could ask your off-topic question. Wat?
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