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    Default Banned while Multiboxing

    Yesterday I got banned while doing this farm I was doing this farm with 5 accounts but a few minutes before the ban I logged out of one of them and went to my bank toon to check the AH. After a couple mins I see my other accounts get banned while my AH account didn't. In the email it said the reason for the ban was because of botting. I only use Isboxer, Jamba and a few other really common addons. I opened a ticket saying they made a mistake and there response was it was visually verified by a GM and they won't overturn it. Ok obviously it was visually verified by a GM that doesn't know what he is looking at and the fact that my other account didn't get banned means it wasn't a software issue. Is there any thing I can do to appeal this ban? I feel like I did nothing wrong. I thought maybe it was the farm itself and it could be looked at as exploiting game mechanics but the email just said botting.

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    So you left 4 accounts unattended while they were firing off w/e attacks?

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    Well I wouldn't say firing off attacks, but they were left auto running into the pillar and had RJW on and I'd refresh it every minute and loot with loot-a-rang every couple minutes. I'd move back and forth between windows while I posted auctions and waited for mail to fill my bags.

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    Sorry to hear that. How long was the ban for?

    In the video description the author says its exploiting a monk ability Rushing Jade Wind, that should be a red flag there not to do it. If its public video then Blizzard knows about it.

    I haven't done any gold farming in ages, too scared to lose my account.

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    Well in the video it said it was exploiting the Rushing Jade Wind because it never used up the energy. That was hotfixed last week and now it turns off if you don't melee anything. And the only reason they gave me for the ban was botting.

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    Really depends on what those other four were doing while you were away on the 5th.

    Generally the guys on their GM team are knowledgeable enough to know what a multiboxer looks like. The difference being in control of all 5 versus some rapid fire AFK macro where you kill stuff running into a wall and loot-a-rang over and over again seemingly AFK.

    I would steer clear of doing anything like that. At that point it isn't even IsBoxer or Jamba related. It's keyboard autofire and WoW macros botting.

    I say this as someone who sometimes herb gathers on 5, fishes on 5 and obviously uses loot-a-rang most of the time on 5. As long as it's you directing these actions Blizzard won't care. And yes it's pretty obvious when it's an AFK farm.

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    Yeah I probably shouldn't have tried that farm. I just wish blizzard would look closer into my case before straight up banning. I wasn't using macros just isboxer key maps. I wish they could check button presses and they would see it wasn't programmed or anything. I had to consistently move characters. My main issue is that they said I was botting. I wasn't botting. They have the capabilities to detect botting software, and why would I even bot when I'm multiboxing that would be retarded. My 1 account not getting banned tells me they didn't detect any botting software. I feel like the GM looked at me farming and just immediately thought this is a bot im banning him, without even looking into it.

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    Have you read the post about Kayley having a banned overturned?

    I think an important part is you get very very few chances before they start automatically rejecting so anytime you do contact them about it you need to be very through.

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    Sorry to hear about this.

    If its one thing we have learned, its that a GM and some one that is working at the anti-cheat departement = isnt the same.

    Personally i sat down and wrote down how my entire setup works, the macroes, key remapping in isboxer etc. I also made a website where i could showcase all of this, including videos i took where you can see what happens at the various farmspots with my toons, when i press the same button over and over, and also that no automation happens when i press and hold buttons down. You can see me doing this as i pan over to all the monitors in the videos.

    Whenever i find a new farmspot i upload a new video of it on my site. Tip: they dont like it if you create a custom website name of your own choosing, it seems they are afraid of maybe viruses etc. So just stick to the adress of a known "website creator" and it will be fine. (NOT f.ex: vvvv. message to blizzard. whatever)

    You only have very few messages you can send to them before they ignore you totally. Try to make each message count best you can. And insist that your case get reviewed by someone at the anti-cheat departement.

    If it turns out you get banned, consider yourself lucky it was only for 4 characters. Im farming with 20 ++ at the same time, but i rarely have more than 5 (max 8 if needed to create faster respawns) on each realm running.

    Ive spoken to several other boxers and blizzard can choose to ban one team, but not the others: indicating it was just a random GM visually checking you out and just banning you on the spot. "Just in case". They dont seem to have the tech, wits or the interest to also check out what your other logged in accounts are doing.. so then afterwards its up to you to prove your case, to get unbanned.

    Though as i mentioned in a different thread, ive talked to and also informed blizzard about my website and let them know spesifically that i only visually check my monitors like once every 30-45 min. Rest of the time im either laying in bed or in the sofa watching tv, reading books etc while i casually press the same keyboard button(s). And i see people ingame saying they will report me quite often. Ive not had any issues though. I let them know around october 2017.

    So i believe they have marked my accounts so that not any random GM just bans me out of the blue. Though i suspect that im on a permanent watchlist, just incase i should start to afk bot, use illegal software, automation able keyboards and/or sell gold etc
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    I was bored and browsed the pinned threads at the top.
    Came across this statement from a blue poster:

    Basically, im wondering if using Keyclone to send the same signal to multiple clients with one keypress is acceptable.

    Im looking for a solid yes or no answer here

    Yup, keyclone is fine.

    Just make absolutely certain that you’re not making more than one keypress (for the purposes of the word ‘keypress’ this includes a single key press AND release with no delays), or including delays between key-presses with each action.

    Essentially, if you could legally create the command as a functional macro within the default user interface, then it should be okay.

    Malkorix, Blizzard Poster

    Now, my english isnt perfect... is he saying that a macro thats bounded to a key in isboxer, with "activate when pressed and/or release" is enabled = is not allowed?

    Or do he mean that its ok that a keypress happens keypress down and release, but no delay during this is allowed?
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