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    Default Team members missing from Jamba when zoning/loading

    Hey all! I'm having an issue where, in my 3 man team, when I zone into the game or into another area, usually 2 out of 3 of my characters will fall off of the Jamba team causing an issue with mounting, following etc. To remedy it, I have to go into Jamba>Team and click on the ISBoxer icon to get all of them on the team again. Once I do that, I have to tab to the next problem child and do the same (the push settings dont send the team members).

    Im sure it's a setting I have wrong somewhere. Can anyone share some insight as to what I might be doing wrong?

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    and if u looked on the main jamba topic there is about 10 to 11 posts on this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post

    and if u looked on the main jamba topic there is about 10 to 11 posts on this
    Hey! First, thanks for the incredible addon. im having a blast!

    Secondly, I did try that - Ive made a new team a few times just in case it was something I did incorrectly, but as Im new, I've followed the videos from ISBoxer and have done no real customization yet. So on the ISBoxer end, I don't believe there is anything awry as I ran with the settings the quick setup provided for me.

    My friend is having the exact same problem as well - we both started doing this a couple of days ago and were having the same troubles simultaneously last night. So this is an attempt to figure this out for two of us!

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    I may have resolved this and chalk it to user error somewhere. I uninstalled ISBoxer/Innerspace, uninstalled Jamba and all of the files in the different saved variables files and started absolutely fresh with everything - new team, binds, new mod installs etc. Things seem to be fine.

    The one thing I did differently this time around is I didn't install the Jamba Proc addon. Im going to assume it was my team settings before and not that..but food for thought?

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    I found a workaround, if you make sure your team looks good and then uncheck "sync with isboxer", I stopped having the issue.
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