Hello everyone.

I would like to start a dialog on the runaway melee toon issue when spamming Interact with Target (IWT) with Click to Move (CTM). Its most noticable if you send IWT every time with your DPS rotation, less noticable if you have a seperate keybind for IWT but it still happens. There is a very simple fix that solves this problem completely.

- Send a Move Forward keybind immediately before you send your IWT keybind.

I know you're thinking I'm joking, but that's it. The runaway toon problem is now completely solved.

The software (isBoxer, Hotkeynet, etc) sends keys so fast a single movement key will not move your character, only reset all existing movement. Then the next IWT works as if it was the only time pressed, no matter how many times you spam it.

It happens so quickly your toon will not be slowed down, will run just as fast as normal. Though if you watch the video closely you will notice the movement key causes the toons to run/skip because it resets the running animation everytime I press the DPS key.

Heres the video. Enjoy your now well behaved melee teams and never worry about runaway again.

Sorry for quality of video, haven't quite got the hang of pinnacle studio yet.