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    Default GSE and trinity team questions

    I'm 'graduating' to trinity for BfA. I like the idea of Pala/Monk, Monk/Sham, Hunter, Mage, Lock for my team. But I have some questions about rotations. Hopefully some of you use wowlazymacros/GSE like I do. Never would've completed +10 with my 5 guardians if not.

    How big of a hassle is using GSE and the possible modifiers for procs (and keeping up with said procs) on a mixed team like above?

    I'm guessing the macro handles not interrupting cast times? (I've only used GSE on the bears/cats, hunters, and a solo enhance) I haven't re-upped my sub yet or I would experiment.

    Should I just go 3 hunters for my dmg so I don't have to use modifiers?

    Edit: I ran without DBM to cut down on the things to focus on. I will be adding it to help with the tank/heal cds.

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    I am going with Shaman and priest for my healers for my main 2 teams.
    They haven't changed a lot from Legion.

    For doing autonomous dps, you want to stay away from procs sort of. So for example fire mage is not really something to easily macro. Arcane is ok but you still have to manage Mana phases.

    My picks are
    Tank : DK, Pally, Warrior
    Healer : Shaman, Priest
    DPS : Elemental shaman, BM hunter, Destro lock, Balance druid, Arcane Mage(sort of, see above)

    All very good GSE dps for boxing. I dislike melee unless doing all slots. I tried doing mixed and it's too annoying to handle.
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    Hey guys. One of my favorite subjects!

    I have been a trinity boxer (ISBoxer) since Wrath. Having said that my years of experience and advice would be:

    1. Restrict your rotations and calls to GS/GSE to ingame only. This reduces overhead in IsBoxer.
    2. Make sure all your characters have the same keybinds (ST/AE, Interrupts, Focus / Target CC, etc)
    3. In those here's your macro template. Just replace the given item with your ability

    Make a ? Hotkey and label it "F"
    /cast [@focus, harm, exists][] SpellNameHere
    Make a ? Hotkey and label it "T"
    /cast SpellNameHere

    For an example team: DK (blood), SHM (resto), Warlock * 3

    1. [ = Focus round robin interrupts (Mind Freeze, Wind Shear, Command Demon, Command Demon, Command Demon)
    2. ] = Target round robin interrupts (same as above).
    3. ALT + [ = Focus round robin CC (Asphyxiate, Hex, Fear, Fear, Fear)
    4. ALT + ] = Target round robin CC (Same as above)

    If a particular character doesn't have an interrupt or CC this can be solved by making ATGs in Isboxer for the roles.

    Roles such as: Interrupt, CC, CC2, CC3 for some classes have multiple CCs they can use. Make sure to put classes where they belong.

    Then in ISBoxer specify in your keymaps to round robin within those selections. I'm a lefty so my key layout looks like this:

    • [ = interrupt focus
    • ] = interrupt target
    • ALT + [ = cc focus
    • ALT + ] = cc target
    • SHIFT + [ = cc2 focus
    • SHIFT + ] = cc2 target
    • CTRL + [ = cc3 focus
    • CTRL + ] = cc3 target

    Might seem overkill but it will make use of EVERY CC you have in your arsenal. Incredibly useful once you get the hang of it.

    For damage I break mine into 3 generics. ST (single target), AE (area of affect), SV (Survival)

    In GS / GSE SV should mimic ST but your defensives should be in there. ST and AE is w/e your normal rotations are there.

    Keybinds (again lefty)

    ST = \
    AE = SHIFT + \
    SV = ALT + \

    I have a keymap TOGGLE AE ST in my keymaps. This way I can switch between standard AE or ST if the fight demands a lengthy period of one or the other. Whichever is selected is the active one.

    On Proc-based classes:

    You want to generalize your needs as much as possible. For a time I used a separate set of rules for these guys. Like Demo lock has a proc based instant that's pretty important (non-proc is 4.5 seconds). I would just bind that somewhere else and watch for procs in the windows (weakauras is great for this as you can make a giant sign in a visible area of your FX / small windows) that indicates one or more are proccing. The logic on that one is easy though. You never want to cast soul fire without it procced. So a second binding to instacast it or stopcasting periodically does the job. Then bind that somewhere to your rotation.

    Some aren't so easy though. For those I'd just reroll as it isn't worth the trouble. You will already be very busy in 5 mans avoiding crap and using cooldowns properly.

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    I'm a big fan of BM Hunters (in trinity teams) this expansion and would personally encourage that instinct to "just go hunters".

    Its not just that they're very easy to manage with a GSE macro this expansion: it's also that they're 100% mobile. So many of the mechanics in the dungeons this time around can be neutered by just running around so the swirlies don't hit.

    I honestly don't know how I would manage a fight like, say, phase two of Vol'kaal if my DPS couldn't do reasonable damage while moving.

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    Vol'kaal is going to suck on M+. No two ways about it. That dungeon and the Underrot are going to wreck keys as you've stated. The hunter trap I'd be careful of falling into is that on raid-wide damage they're inferior to warlocks for simply two reasons. 1) Healthstones and 2) aspect of the turtle is nowhere near as good as Unending Resolve. If you get pressed hard as BM it won't matter what you do.

    Also CC options are better on warlocks. Keeping some of those nasty mobs permanently feared and stunned is ideal. I'm still working out how to do a lot of things sans my naga. I really miss it. But it'll get there and one of those things is how to handle a stun rotation with shadowfury and cap totem.

    All in all still happy I went with warlocks. Though we'll see how that goes.

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