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    Question [Help] Macro for changing spells on Top Action Bars when alternating Main and Slave using HotKeyNet

    I am using two WoW accounts. On my main I have spells on Top Action Bar with hotkeys F1-F5. When I use these hotkeys it casts a spell and my slave targets focustarget and casts the same. What I need is for when I alternate and essentially make my slave the main, to reassign the spells on my main (F1-F5) in the Top Action Bar to be macros that cast the same spell, but first target my slave's target.

    So far I've only found macros to switch the default action bar pages 1-4. But I need to switch the Top Action Bars. I am using HotKeyNet.

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    You can change a keybind of a button but you can't switch spells that are there. At least not that I know of.

    /run SetBinding("F1","MACRO MyMacroName")SaveBindings(2)
    That would set your F1 keybind to that named macro.

    I think that would be a pain though and hopefully you can figure out a different way to do it. Possibly a FTL assist macro.

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    Thank you! I think I can make use of this. I'll put the macros somewhere else and run this and all should do the same thing. Your help is appreciated. I'll come back to this to verify I got it working.

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    My friend, you are the bomb.

    So here's how I got it working.

    I noticed that with your script you don't need to place the macros anywhere. They are just keybound.

    I play 2 DK's at the moment and named all the macros after the spell being cast. Here is my macro, "Set2Slave"

    /focus Numbertwo
    /run SetBinding("F1","MACRO Obliterate")SaveBindings(2)
    /run SetBinding("F2","MACRO Death Strike")SaveBindings(2)
    /run SetBinding("F3","MACRO Blood Fury")SaveBindings(2)
    /run SetBinding("F4","MACRO Pillar of Frost")SaveBindings(2)
    F5 Coming soon...

    And here is my macro, "Set2Main" (revert)

    /run SetBinding("F1","MULTIACTIONBAR1BUTTON1")
    /run SetBinding("F2","MULTIACTIONBAR1BUTTON2")
    /run SetBinding("F3","MULTIACTIONBAR1BUTTON3")
    /run SetBinding("F4","MULTIACTIONBAR1BUTTON4")
    /run SetBinding("F5","MULTIACTIONBAR1BUTTON5")

    This works flawlessly. Thank you for your help, sir.

    Edit: Here are the corresponding macros for my slave.


    /focus Numberone
    Conveniently placed so toggling is a breeze. My man, let me know if I can do anything for you. Like +Rep or something.
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