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    Default Get rid of swifty and any other popular streamer/youtuber.

    okay, its simple. if popular people start streaming multiboxing related stuff in a few months blizzard with outright ban us. not because what we do is in any way wrong, but because it will be perceived as so, and in this day and age that probably even worse.

    it will be over. i said it back in 2014 when eveidiots where disco camping lowsec entry gates and suicide ganking 24/7 on hsec, CCP will end boxing, and they did.

    by some miracle blizzard didn't end it when 40 boxers became a "thing" last expansion, and though they could have outright ended boxing with BFA they deliberately choose to restrict us only to pve.

    i know you are thinking that with pvp being off limits now, your revenue will drop. but truth is, it wont. you don't get paid per account, you get paid per license. so if the 40 boxing turbo autists downsize to 10 or 5 you are still getting your coin.

    but if people continue multiboxing on open streams the fun will be over for everyone and your revenue will go to zero. you know it, i know it, everyone knows it.

    just send a kind email to swity or whatever his name is and tell him his license has been revoked and continuing to use your software it in any way will get him sued. and done. same with any other popular youtuber or streamer trying to lure in some viewers with some poorly understood gimmick like OUR gameplay. i mean ffs, look at his stream title... 10 minutes and you'll get wow general forums plastered with idiots claiming that now the only "viable " way to play the game is to multibox it.

    they will say that because they don't value setup time or they don't understand that now they have to pay a lot more monthly, or some other half assed and intellectually dishonest reason fueled by nothing but a childish desire to destroy something they don't understand and someone else enjoys.

    as soon as the swity kids, the asmongoldians or the fatboss elitists start raging on the forums about things they don't understand in a week your software and all the work you put into it will be worth ZERO.

    get your head outta your ass and act now before its too late. or this is going to be second time i get to say "i told you so".

    im nothing but a concerned user of your software and a long time multiboxing hobbiyst. hope i don't sound too rude, or out of my place.

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    Well I can't say I agree. There are clear lines and Blizzard can at any time single out the abuser who has stepped over the line. Insofar as those massive wPvP boxers Blizzard is on the page of "PvP Happened" and they are getting rid of /follow to make the route less appetizing to us. I just wish they would go a route that would be flexible and more forgiving for true dual boxers. Something I noted years ago for them was they could start a sliding restriction with the increase in concurrent accounts. This way dual boxers would be unrestricted everywhere but three+ boxers would start to face penalties. Instead of removing follow they should consider lowering damage / health to make up for the added numbers. I'd be OK with that.

    Anyway on to the real point of this thread when guys like Swifty bring attention to multiboxing I see that as a GOOD thing. Dual boxing is freaking awesome and it's a clear way to make the game new in the eyes of a veteran. Playing two characters instead of one introduces a whole lot of new complexity and mystery to the game. It's just amazing that for another 15 bucks a month you can basically play the game in an entirely different way. One Blizzard has been onboard with for years.

    I don't think Blizzard sees multiboxing as a bad thing. Nor do most players. In my experience like on a lot of topics what gets complained about on the general forum is NOT what the majority of players care about. Evident by the thread earlier today and the number of people who popped in to voice support for multiboxing.

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    The way you're wording your post—"your revenue,"your software"—are you speaking to someone specific? I will assume you're speaking to Lax, since his is the only software with a license that I know of (today), so perhaps this was better suited for a PM to him directly, or even the ISBoxer forum?

    With that said, if Lax revokes anyone's license to use Inner Space, what is to stop these players from signing up again with a different e-mail and paying for a new subscription? Please don't say "IP ban" because those are incredibly unreliable, and while I don't want to speak for him, I doubt Lax wants to keep searching his user database to try to find patterns in behavior so that he can make an educated guess as to which license he should (repeatedly) revoke.

    Also, anyone who was "banned" from using Inner Space could just use another solution where there is no subscription/license barrier, so revoking their license doesn't seem like an adequate way to stop them from multiboxing.

    Now, if Blizzard wanted multiboxers gone (actual multiboxers, not people opening multiple game clients) then they would've been removed a long time ago. Blizzard knows exactly how to cripple multiboxers, and it's not a difficult equation to solve: remove the follow function. Years ago, they did just that in battlegrounds, and it seems to have been super effective since, without follow, multiboxers in battlegrounds are incredibly limited, and the vast majority of multiboxing videos on YouTube, these days, are of PvE.

    Now, in War Mode, rather than outright disabling follow, they've danced around that very simple concept and have specifically created new API to address follow while in PvP combat, in an attempt to limit those who wish to be disruptive, but to also allow others to still use War Mode. If Blizzard wanted multiboxers gone from, arguably, the most troublesome area of the game, then why didn't they just nix the follow command while War Mode was active? Seems kind of odd, doesn't it?

    Honestly, one could argue that the changes they've recently made to the game (node sharing, more difficult solo leveling) almost encourages multiboxing, even from just a two-box standpoint.
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    This sort of complaint happens every time someone breaks new ground in multiboxing accomplishments. What's odd to me is that these arguments keep coming up, seemingly ignoring the evidence that Blizzard can absolutely fix exploits in a matter of hours when they see things they don't like. (See: high-ROI farm spots, BOE raid trash farms, world boss leashing, aggro bugout mechanics, well-known stand-still-farm spots, etc.) I think I've heard similar plots at least a dozen times in different forms specifically related to multiboxing e.g. "If multiboxers do X, they'll ban us all!" I've been multiboxing in one form or another *in WoW* for the better part of 13 years, and I've never received a ban, suspension, or even an unkind word from a GM. I'd be very surprised to see anything different in the near future.
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    Swifty has mutiboxed for years. He has numerous videos with him boxing doing various activities. He is seriously no threat to this form of gameplay.

    I would be willing to wager that the combat follow drop in pvp will end a majority of muti boxing complaining. Since there will be far less pvp boxers. Nobody complains about pve.
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    I'm not a fan of limiting someone's game play just because they are popular, even if that means it draws attention to something I do myself and gets it changed. I'd take my reservations about such a decision up with Blizzard, not out on Swifty.

    But in saying that, I'm not worried about multiboxing getting banned after Blizzard repeatedly saying they have no issue with it.
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    A bit late to the party here, but dropping in my 2 cents.

    I can't say I agree with the suggestion.

    As a baseline argument, I don't think it would be ethical to deny someone access to purchasing a product on the fear that it plausibly leads to more people being aware of multiboxing which then plausibly leads to them making inaccurate complaints en mass to the developers, who then ignore everything they already know about the subject and overrule pre-existing decissions and outright deal out bans instead of dealing with specific problem areas in very benign ways, like they have before with the issues regarding WPVP and large scale multiboxing and BGs before that.

    Even if we were to, for the sake of argument, say that such a chain of ifs and maybes would occur, I don't see how it is the fault of that one person with a viewership, unless they are spreading inaccurate information on purpose, which is not the case at all. I don't see the argument for punishing said person for simply being popular.

    Now, let's say it was possible for us to police who gets to be a multiboxer and who does not, which we of course can not. If we could... Should we? Are we in a position where we get to say who is "worthy" of being in this illustrious group? What are the rules and who is going make sure people follow them? What makes us so sure that these are the correct rules? Mirai is, as far as boxers go, relatively popular on Youtube. Should he go? If not now, how big can he get before we exile him? This is a road I do not think we'd want to go on, even if it was even theoretically possible.

    As far as steamer's fan bases complaining, I honestly don't think we can get a lot more bad PR than we did in WoD due to a few streamers casually multiboxing and being completely civil about it, as far as I am aware. Infact, I was pleasantly surprised by Asmongold's take on the mass multiboxing issues back in WoD ( It's not a hysteric cry to ban all multiboxers, but a genuine argument against issues that have no real ingame solution (E.g. cases where there is no "PVP solution"). The times I've heard them talk about it, they've been civil and fairly reasonable on the matter, even if sometimes slightly misinformed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CMKCot View Post
    i said it back in 2014 when eveidiots where disco camping lowsec entry gates and suicide ganking 24/7 on hsec, CCP will end boxing, and they did.
    Except more people than ever before multibox eve, just that most of them do not browse this site or use isboxer. The only thing the "ban" killed was some pvp multiboxing (primarily bombing) which was dumb but here we are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by valkry View Post
    But in saying that, I'm not worried about multiboxing getting banned after Blizzard repeatedly saying they have no issue with it.
    well since we can't really compete in any rated bracket (5s removed, 3s shit, rbg no follow) and we got "semi banned" from bgs and now also from world pvp, I'm certain they no longer have an issue with it

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    my option i find as wow got lower on system specs and pcs got more powerful + the gold to game time

    A lot of boxers just go up in numbers most pvp boxers in legion was 10-15 + and if they found they was dieing they add more. making them harder and harder for a group pf players to kill them.

    am sure they could of just axed follow ban on honer talents but for some reason they gone for this semi follow ban for now anyway.

    + the internet is full of cry baby's

    (i was trying to stay out this topic)

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