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If people could 20 box with such a crappy system, everyone and their mum would be 60 boxing atleast right now. It just aint happening. Expect minimum a pc worth 2 ish k dollars to 5box smoothly with low settings, thats including a monitor or two. Then add more pcs as needed.

A pc worth 3k dollars will play 10 games, but not smooth all of the time.. best to buy pcs for max 5 games on each, for a smooth experience. For safety you should calculate 4 gig RAM per game.
Agree'd I have 3 systems that can handle 10boxing, and one of them only runs 32GB of ram and it's a pretty big difference between the 64gb machines.
I'm using 1080ti in the 32gb machine and the others are 64gb with 1070ti and they 10box.

WOD graphics engine update made multi-boxing pretty taxing on your system. Pre-WOD I could 5 box off my laptop with zero issues.