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Thread: BfA XP Changes

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    Blizzard just reduced the experience required from level 40 to level 100 (no one seems to have an exact number).

    We'll see if there are any further changes to come to the overall leveling experience, as it sounds like they've recognized that there are definite issues with the pre-patch. In the same thread (from a few days ago), they've also reduced the damage that enemies, from 1 to 100, deal, as well as reduced their health.

    Now, if they'd just re-buff heirlooms and call it a day, that'd be great.
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    It's at least positive news! Hoping the leveling scene for dungeons won't be so difficult prior to hitting heroic/mythic, it's still absurd to think a new player would not do well at all in the current state.
    I'd like them to open up different tiers of difficulty for leveling instead with higher xp the harder it is, a lvl 60 heroic/mythic would be great if you got a strong team, and doesn't impact new users.
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    Looks like it's 14% for 60-80 and slightly less for other level ranges:

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