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    Default FREE M+ Weekly Chest for all toons

    The changes we're making to the Mythic+ system for Battle for Azeroth will prevent you from receiving your normal Mythic Cache this week. As this was unintentional, your cache will include 1000 Wakening Essence and a Keystone instead of your normal rewards.

    Location of M+ Weekly Chest!

    DK = Next to Mission Table.
    DH = Near the Mission Table next to a side wall.
    Druid = Near the NPCs standing in the middle who give artifact / class hall quests.
    Hunter = Between Mimiron's hologram and ramp going up, near the Mission Table side.
    Mage = When you port in, move to your right.
    Monk = Outside the Inn left side facing the Inn.
    Pally = Right side of the doorway towards Artifact Table area before you go inside.
    Priest = Next to the Mission Table.
    Rogue = Inside the room that you open by clicking on the Torch, with Class Hall traits NPC
    Shaman = Next to the Mission Table, to the right side.
    Warlock = In the middle left side, close to the Class Hall traits NPC.
    Warrior = Go to Odyn's room, immediately turn right when enter.

    Hopefully this will help those who have no idea where the chests are
    Eonar - EU

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    awesome tip. Had all my teams loot the boxes yesterday. Free legendaries x 75
    22 x 5-toon teams on Silvermoon EU

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    you can always get this on toons you don't wanna play, and buy a random token for your mains!

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