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    Default Multiboxing Community

    The BfA pre-patch will arrive next week, and with it the new Communities feature.

    I was thinking it would be a great way for us multi-boxers to communicate, as we won't have to sacrifice having our own guild bank, and it is cross-realm so we won't have to move realms.

    Any thoughts?

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    As long as the chat wont include any "help me with my multibox" setup, macroes etc, it sounds like a plan.
    I almost never get to actually relax and play the game, if its like that..

    Keep this site and the discord channel for people that need help with something.

    A spot to find people who like to farm / do raids etc for fun, wouldnt hurt.
    just dont ask for any help while we play... /instant ignore hehe (from me anyway).

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    I like the idea a lot. I miss guild chat in WoW, but could not give up the Gbank lol. I tried a few times, never works out.
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    Ya ill have a horde one and a bn group

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    This sounds really good, as I am in a normal guild just to see the green chat.

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    Is this up and running?

    Seems you need to enter a "community invitation link or a code in order to join a community ingame.

    "WTB invite details".

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    Just joined the community created in the above thread, now consisting of myself and.. the founder/op from above.

    Clearly not enough of us on a single server for a guild, but the new community function works wonderfully well, and with everything cross-realmed, i think it could be interesting and fun to get the remaining boxers at least into a community where we could plan up some raid/pvp/what-have-you, or just have a place to chat and share info within our small community.

    Keeping my mains on there, don't be shy and join!

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