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    Lightbulb Help with a simple script

    I've tried multiboxing with ISBoxer, but there's too much stuff there and keeping the characters together is very tedious in a game like Diablo 3. Which is why I'm looking for a simple script to just use 3 accounts to collect loot after Rifts and Greater Rifts to help me gear new characters faster.

    So I'm looking to for a script that can launch 4x Diablo 3 exes or rename manually launched ones into Diablo1, Diablo2, Diablo3, Diablo4 and then allow swapping between them with the F1, F2, F3 and F4 keys. Nothing more.

    However as I've tried I either run into problems with the ResizeAndPosition while trying to swap or launching said exes with HotKeyNet.

    Any help is appreaciated. Thanks!

    This is my current script so far I've patched together:
    <Label w1 Local SendWinM Diablo1>
    <Label w2 Local SendWinM Diablo2>
    <Label w3 Local SendWinM Diablo3>
    <Label w4 Local SendWinM Diablo4>

    <Hotkey Ctrl R>
    <SendPC local>
    <If WinDoesNotExist Diablo1>
    <RenameWin "Diablo III" Diablo1>
    <If WinDoesNotExist Diablo2>
    <RenameWin "Diablo III" Diablo2>
    <If WinDoesNotExist Diablo3>
    <RenameWin "Diablo III" Diablo3>
    <If WinDoesNotExist Diablo4>
    <RenameWin "Diablo III" Diablo4>

    // SUBROUTINE TO Position Windows
    <Command ResizeAndPosition>
    <SendPC local>
    <TargetWin %1%><SetWinRect 0 0 1920 1080>
    <TargetWin %2%><SetWinRect 0 0 1920 1080>
    <TargetWin %3%><SetWinRect 0 0 1920 1080>
    <TargetWin %4%><SetWinRect 0 0 1920 1080>

    //Window Switching
    <Hotkey F1>
    <ResizeAndPosition Diablo1 Diablo2 Diablo3 Diablo4>
    <Hotkey F2>
    <ResizeAndPosition Diablo2 Diablo1 Diablo3 Diablo4>
    <Hotkey F3>
    <ResizeAndPosition Diablo3 Diablo1 Diablo2 Diablo4>
    <Hotkey F4>
    <ResizeAndPosition Diablo4 Diablo1 Diablo2 Diablo3>
    But it renames the windows backwards like it starts from 4 to 1 and no 1 to 4.
    Also the windows switch is a bit slow and not instant like it was with ISBoxer.
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