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Thread: Timers and ATGs

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    Default Timers and ATGs

    I'm not familiar with the Timers in ISBoxer, but I I'm trying to do the following, needless to say, I'm at a loss ...

    By default everyone starts in a ATG called Swiftmend Healer
    A key is pressed and it sends CTRL+O to the ATG.
    Of those characters in the ATG at the time I'd like to remove them for X seconds. After the timer has expired add them to the ATG again.

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    You would need to multiple actions.

    1. a keystroke action of CTRL+O to the ATG
    2. a JOIN ATG action, with a target of the ATG, and have that execute based on a timer after x.x seconds
    3. a LEAVE ATG action, with a target of the ATG, and just let that execute immediately or have this on a different timer, with a time of 0.1 seconds (this latter is probably the better option - makes sure the other stuff all works first).

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    Tell us what you're trying to accomplish with the mechanic as it's possible there may be a better way.
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