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    Default ISBoxer Mouse binding


    i'm new in multiboxing world and i have the software ISBoxer but i have problem when i try to bind mouse click.

    When i Right/Left mouse on binding window nothing happend.

    Someone know why ?

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    It is fairly rare to want to bind a mouse button as games really like them. But you can, and if it is not working when you click in the binding window (which I'm not relaly sure what you mean by this), you can normally just select the Mouse1 or Mouse2 from the drop down.

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    Yes but in dropdown i don't have Mouse1 or Mouse2
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    That would be rather unusual as they are hard coded to appear in the Hotkey Picker box. Where are you seeing this?

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    Nothing in dropdown named Mouse
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    Consensus at this point is you should exit Inner Space and ISBoxer toolkit, and then delete the InputDevices.xml file in the InnerSpace installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\InnerSpace), then restart InnerSpace, and let it recreate the file.

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