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    Default ...With a little help from my friends

    Hello all!

    Short and sweet: This is a Gofundme I put together. I'm not normally a hand-out kinda guy, but the situation is dire and getting worse. A share on Facebook alone would mean a lot to me--My Facebook circle is small, and this community here has really been the best group of friends I've ever had.
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    Hey man, I would love to help out. However I really do disagree with "handouts" as such, but I may be able to pay you some cash if you'd like to work for me ? Let me know man

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    omg dude, I need to reconnect with the world again.. im so sorry to hear about this.. I even own a cleaning company, but none of my guys live in Florida! I'd love to help you out, so hit me up!

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    Also, for those of us on the fence about whether to donate to this, you should know that this man has contributed more good ideas and technical workarounds than almost anyone on here. If you run a melee dual-boxing setup, you will be using one of the techniques that Mosg2 pioneered, and he is 100% fully worthy of our support and appreciation. Not specifically to Dupheadss, but Mosg2 has worked for years to improve this community and our style of gameplay in multiple games.

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    Best of luck, this is what communities are for!!

    Edit: Sorry it took so long to see this, I don't come to the off-topic area a lot to be honest. I feel like even though this is technically off-topic, it deserves a bit more exposure...
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    Thanks all for the support! I tried to get it moved to the General forums but haven't heard back yet.
    "Tact is for those that lack the wit for sarcasm."

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