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    Default HELP!!! First build to start boxing again CPU/motherboard confusion.

    Hello all ������... so I decided to get back into boxing WoW. I used to box 7 on a Omen i7-4710 Quad core with 8GB laptop Med-low settings on main and no existent settings on slaves ������. Yes my lap was getting first degree burns from the intense heat the fans tried to put out. Poor thing! But it did fairly well as long as I did not go into a congested SW or Dalaran at this point my slaves would break follow repeatedly and the lag was just painful. So I gotten the multiboxing itch again after 2 years but this time I want to have fun and do it on a more powerful machine. Thus I have decided to embark on the challenge to build my FIRST desktop. I have never done this though I have spend days researching and I know I will need more time. Like said I used to box 7 I want to try 15 toons. I know a couple of plp that have done this on a 6 core I7 with 32GB of ram, 1TB, 850 Nvidia or similar. My budget is a little broader but don’t want to spend more than what I actually need to. My goal is 50fps on Med settings on main and 20-30fps on the other 14 slaves. I do not need to run on Ultra or any high settings that is not my goal. my goal is to run efficiently at this desire FPS and if there is room left to increase then that’s a bonus but like I said I don’t need to. I know the amount of cores is one of the foundations of boxing and like I said I know of plp who have box 15 on a 6 core.I am set on a I7-7820x 8-core that runs 3.6 to 4.3 turbo and 4.5 overclocked. I am gonna add 64 GB of ram as well as a EVGA CLC 280 liquid cooler with 140 mm fans. Also 1TB SSD and NVIDIA GTX 1080 gaming X card. I am hoping I can run 15 rather efficiently with this set up. My issue is the mother board I almost pulled her trigger on because now I am confused. After doing my research I read that the CPU and MB should support the same pciExpress Ex: mb 3.0/2.0/x16 cpu 3.0x16. If CPU and MB are not similar certain components like usb’s might not work. The MB I am referring to is the Gigabyte X299 AORUS Ultra Gaming says it has Triple NVMe PCIe X4 m2 which their sites describes as better. Seems different than what the cpu has. is this MB and cpu compatible with each other? I want the most out of this build so I am holding of because I am stuck on this. Am I just confused on this 2 components or do they actually pair well. Like I said I am a total noob at this since this is my first build so would appreciate some help from the pros. I am having fun building this but the confusion now is killing me. Thank you for any input ������

    EDIT: so I found this for the i7-7820x
    PCIe Revision: 3.0
    Max Lanes: 28
    Configuration: 1x16+1x8+1x4, 3x8+1x4

    This for the Gigabyte Auros ultra gaming MB:
    CPU, DIMM 288-pin, PCIe 3.0 x16
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    I box 5 fine on this machine, at 3440 x 1440p (ultra-wide screen) and I get 30fps in Dalaran at peak times. You could probably 10 box on this hardware at 16:9 ratios like 1080p.


    With an SSD drive of course.

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    To answer your question about the motherboard. Yes it is fine. The things make that it incompatible are chipset and socket (and intel usually change the socket size with each new generation, so that only even leaves the features of the chipset as a deciding factor). As you have chosen a motherboard with the correct socket for the CPU, then that means it will at least fit, and as the x299 chipset is specifically for the overpriced intel extreme series, then that is compatible with the CPU, so it all works out.

    You are confusing yourself with the PCIe lanes. The CPU has 28 direct lanes, the motherboard has slots which use those lanes to provide access between the things that fill those slots (and some other things, like USB ports), and the CPU. Sometimes a board will have slots, that if fully populated required the use of sharing of lanes (thus reducing effective bandwidth to a specific device), or they may use a PCIe bridge. Sometimes you cant even use all the slots if you set certain slots to use specific numbers of lanes.

    That all said, based on the hardware items you listed so far, you wont have any issues at all.

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