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    Default You have been disconnected! (BLZ51900002)

    This is the error code that I receive whenever I attempt to login to my client.

    My current setup goes like this.
    I've got a 4 starter edition accounts on the same battle net email address, I have each of my characters made on these.
    They login fine going via the launcher, but this is not using the ISboxer program.
    Soon as I use the program and the 4 clients load up, I get the error code that I've posted above once I try to login.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm quite new to the scene.


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    don't log into the same account more than once.
    if you have all the wow accounts under a single (email address), make sure you are selecting the different sub accounts on the log in screen.

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    Google search results for that error code indicate it might be a connection issue, which means get a compatibility diagnostic. FYI, Inner Space does not do anything to any of the network traffic between the game and the game servers, BUT other applications can, and do, and sometimes your antivirus will be shit and misinterpret Inner Space activity, and block the network traffic when it appears to be coming from Inner Space. Anyway, get that compatibility diagnostic.

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    It starts off like this

    I enter my email and password...

    It then stays on "Connecting" for 20-30 seconds.
    Then it goes to the "You have been disconnected"
    I don't get the option to change sub accounts

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    iirc the region setting for the characters you launch from ISboxer is wrong:

    In your \World of Warcraft\WTF directory you should see a whole load of .wtf files. One will be called just '' and the rest will be called something like 'config-<character name>-<server>.wtf', one for each character you have setup in ISboxer

    Open the with notepad and take note of the line that begins "SET portal" (this is the line that tells the client which regions servers to connect to - EU, US etc)
    Now open the .wtf file for one of the characters that will not launch from ISboxer and make sure the 'SET portal' line is the same as - this should fix it

    Apologies if that goes to too much detail, you said you were new so didn't wan't to presume anything

    PS In next week's episode I will try to remember how to stop it happening in the first place , you likely need a new game profile set-up for WoW but let's make sure that is the problem first
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